So a Smartphone is handy, especially if it should once come to an emergency. But what is the state of the art technology, it is not useful if it does not know its possibilities? Smartphones would be ideally prepared for situations where every Minute counts.

But according to a representative survey by 68 percent of Switzerland Swiss no idea which key combination is used at the time of their iPhone or Android device can make an emergency call. Without the phone tedious to unlock, and even a number type.

“ignorance is negligent and dangerous,” says Comparis expert Jean-Claude Frick. Mainly because around half of the respondents do not know the international emergency number 112 even so, in case of emergency, first of all, Google would have to. “Who must first look at the scene of an accident, the number, or even yourself, is injured, loses valuable time, and at risk in the worst case, even human life,” says Frick.

31 percent of Swiss people use a emergency App

There is an Alternative to the automatic emergency call. The so-called “Life Saving Apps”. Here you can be an emergency call and locating discontinuation. In addition, you can put in some contacts to friends or family behind, which will also be notified. Some tips for such an emergency-Apps with a comparison of the functions available in the table.

After all, the Comparis survey shows that 31 percent of Smartphone Users have installed in Switzerland is one such application. By the way, it is worth also, the Hotline of the insurance company and the travel insurance in the contacts store, especially if you go on holiday.

you can fill out a Digital emergency passport save lives

Modern Smartphones have a built-in additional function, which can help in case of accidents. Namely, an emergency passport. This is both in the iPhone as well as Android devices such as Samsung and Huawei preset (instructions in the Box at the very bottom).

Here you can enter important medical information such as blood group or allergies. In addition, personal data and emergency be deposited contacts. This information can now also be displayed without a password on the lock screen – for example, for the emergency medical or rescue workers.

by the Way: a lost phone, you can give back more easily. And also because of the data security, you need not Worry. The data will only be stored locally on the phone and not to Apple or Google sent.

Who wants to check what would see a Savior, the changes on the lock screen without having to Unlock the keypad, where you have to enter the Pin. There you will find the “emergency” or “emergency”. Click on it, you can choose either manually to an emergency number, or the medical information and emergency contacts view.

emergency passport:

Health App search the very bottom of the right tab “emergency pass” select info to fill in, emergency, specify contacts, and “In the lock status will show” select.

emergency call without Unlocking:

In the menu “settings” the item “emergency SOS” search and find “side-button call” activate. the call in case of emergency: Five Times press on /Off button.

(about P30 Per)

emergency passport:

In the settings under “security and privacy” menu item “emergency SOS” option.The “emergency information” and there is info to fill out. In addition to emergency contacts.

emergency call without Unlocking:

No setting needed. the call in case of emergency: Five Times press on /Off button.

(such as Galaxy S10)

emergency passport:

In the contacts own contact at the very top select.At the very bottom of the “emergency Medical information” search.Here, medical data and emergency contacts enter.

emergency call without Unlocking:

send the settings to the “Advanced features”, then on “SOS message”.Contacts enter and select whether you want the same images from the cameras and audio recording attachments. the SOS message in an emergency, From A: Three Times/-button press.

on each phone, and each Version may be slightly different.It is best to seek in the settings under “SOS”, “emergency” or “emergency”.