The climate of youth demonstrated. Climate change is perceived, according to surveys, as a more urgent Problem than in the past. The FDP is green and Greta Thunberg (16) to the icon.

all-wheel drive diesel instead of electric gear

But the Swedish climate activist, has wines with a view to Switzerland every reason to. In this country, large Four-wheel-drive models remain in the Trend. 2018 the fuel consumption and the CO2 increased emissions of newly registered cars. The Numbers:

about 300’000 new car swallow an average of just over 6 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers, an increase of 3.6 percent.Almost every second new car is a four wheel drive vehicle was. Gasoline make up about 67 percent, Diesel 30 percent. Electric cars remain a niche product with a measly 3 percent.The emissions rose to 137.8 grams of CO2 per Kilometer.

in doing So, Switzerland is miles and miles away from your destination. From 2020, new cars may fleet for a maximum of 90 grams of CO2 per kilometre emissions. It is a goal value, in the case of (foreseeable) misconduct on the part of the car importers have to pay a fine.

“Shocking Numbers”

car, Switzerland is nevertheless confident: electric cars and Plug-in Hybrid will come in 2020 a share of 10 percent of the new-car market, so the aim of the Association of automotive importers. 2019, a boost is already noticeable. “At the latest next year we will see a significant decline in the average CO2 emissions of new passenger cars,” says Director Andreas Burgener.

environmental groups and left-wing parties do not share this optimism. “These Figures are shocking,” said WWF climate expert Patrick Hofstetter. He asks of the policy measures – such as higher fines for car importers, a development stop for roads, speed reduction, and admission restrictions for gasoline or Diesel powered vehicles.

After all, seems to respond to the policy. The competent Council of States Commission requires that a CO2 tax is also levied on petrol and Diesel. Also, the FDP has included this requirement in its new climate paper. In the hope that higher fuel prices to move the Swiss to buy more fuel-efficient cars.