It was a great week. You get a Chance not often. The Fans were unbelievable great. I played unbelievable Tennis, especially in the Final. It was really to Enjoy here in Basel. But each Triumph feels different.

After satisfaction. I ran through the tournament, have always felt comfortable. The audience would of course like a bit more of a fight. But in the end, the victory counts. I was with the head not always in the middle of the Match, but were able to let my thoughts wander.

I am very happy as I feel. I must now discuss with my Team whether I play in Paris. We will know on Monday. The goal is that I one hundred percent fit at the ATP Finals in London travel.

In a Moment, many things come together: looking back on the week, my family and the Team who have supported me. The great challenge with the four children. All this, together with the music and the ball kids on the court touched me very much. Then the emotions come high. I always know it can happen. It also depends on the applause of the Fans, whether the tears are flowing or not. I can’t control it, and trying at the same time, the emotions to hold back, but to let them run free. So I know, what the victory means. Ten titles in Basel, I would have never expected. Therefore, the facade came down. I am just so. I’m not doing extra.

Yes, clear. I have big expectations of me, but the margins are so small. The Phase with the defeats in Cincinnati, the U.S. Open and in Shanghai, the beginning could have been something else. The self-confidence disappears quickly, but also quickly.

you can enjoy more about the trophy and the Confetti as a on my – and backhand. To them, it is important to see your friends, as well as Gotti and Götti. These people have to me, is for me very nice. To see you playing in the Confetti, is a beautiful reminder for me. For you I am but of the same father, whether I win or lose.