This week moved to Switzerland tourism balance for 2018. A new record was reported to 38.8 million hotel nights! This success is the hospitality of the Fidelity of their domestic guest owes. In the case of tourists from abroad, however, there is little reason to Cheer. The number of overnight Stays still lags behind the record year of 2008.

It must be talking of a lost decade, especially in comparison with the development of our neighbouring countries: Austria, the night was able to increase numbers of foreign visitors since 2008, to 19 per cent, Germany by 55 per cent (see chart). What are the reasons for this unequal development? Leaves you only with the effect of the strong Swiss franc, explain?

There is a lack of profile and investment

no, says Urs Wagenseil, head of the competence centre for tourism at the Lucerne University: “The Swiss mountain areas have failed in the 70s and 80s, to continuously invest in infrastructure and to modernize it.” This was only recently different. Many medium-sized destinations in Switzerland, a clear profile of the travel could attract willing-to-be was also.

The expert points out, that the last ten years were all disappointing: “The Swiss cities has been a substantial increase!” With Germany and Austria, but Switzerland can’t keep up here, too. “Vienna attracts more foreign guests than all of the relevant Swiss cities together,” says Wagenseil.

industry is a Wake-up call

Switzerland tourism, do not want to talk of a lost decade, admits, however, that the break-ins – had been particularly in the case of the European guests – “very painful”. Spokeswoman Liên Burkard: “The Frank shock has also meant that the industry was a little shaken up.”

Since then, I have done a lot. Now, therefore, it is intended that the tourism sector could implement important investments.