Sometimes you have to be just at the right time in the right place. The Romand Guillaume Pousaz (37) worked after his studies in Lausanne, in the zero years in California at a Stall that specialized in payment processing. The reason for the choice of the employer: Pousaz wanted to be as much as possible in the sea – Surfing.

thanks to this California-stay, he is now a billionaire. Because it is only because of his work in the United States, he was at the time, the rapid increase in the payments world – and opted for a career in the industry.

First round of financing: 230 million

in 2012, Pousaz founded his own company The company for the settlement of transactions, between payment services à la Mastercard or Apple Pay on the one hand, and platforms such as Deliveroo (food order), Samsung or Easyjet-mother easy group.

This is Pousaz via Smartphones, in millions of pants bags present. And the number of payments on such platforms is increasing rapidly. For each Checkout will receive a Mini-Commission at the end of the add up.

last week, Checkout said in a Communiqué that it had collected $ 230 million in a first round of financing. Normally, Startups bring in in that “Series A” referred to Phase 2 to 10 million.

Previously, Checkout had such a external money but doesn’t need to, because you grew profitable.

How much of the company, the new investors have now taken over, is not known. Not, how much belongs to the Rest of Pousaz self – a part of the shares, long-term employees receive in the case of start-UPS.

345 employees, nine locations

However, the “Financial Times”: “The Deal has made the 37-year-old Swiss native who lives with his wife and children in the United Arab Emirates, for a billionaire.” The money he has, however, not on the account, but only as a share of the company.

How many of the most spectacular start-UPS of recent years, the Checkout comes from the Fintech industry. The headquarters of the 345-employees-company is in London, a further eight sites are scattered over the whole world.

in 2017, made Checkout 46.8 million dollars in sales, a rise of 56 percent compared to the previous year. The profit: 23.9 million, up 61 percent. Steeper not to go up. Pousaz: “My Mission is ten years with 50 percent growth in sales. If you want more, you’ll be punished.” (kst)