Hoessli is the winner of the main series DOC.international Main Competition, like the DOC.fest Munich announced on Saturday evening. The price of the so-called Viktor, is endowed with 10’000 Euro.

The Film “The naked king – 18 fragments on the Revolution” (2019) flashes back to the year 1979: In January, was distributed in Iran of the Shah from Tehran and the Ayatollah took Power. In August was formed in Poland, the solidarity trade Union and changed the country.

Hoessli was awarded a scholarship to this time research in Poland. He made friends with the Polish Reporter Ryszard Kapuscinski, and learned first-Hand of the upheaval in Iran.

Forty years later, he returns to Poland and interviewed now, in turn, the employee of intelligence service. He travels to Iran and interviewed eyewitnesses of the Revolution and Nachgeborene. As the narrator, Bruno leads All the way through the parallel story.

The Jury awarded the Film “The naked king – 18 fragments on the Revolution” as the “precise psychological portrait of a time and again-torn, disintegrating world”, as it says in the message. Of the Film under search “in the interplay of romanticism and isolate the Remnants of the Revolution”.

The Director Hoessli turns since 1987, reportages and documentary films for television and cinema. He worked as an Eastern Europe correspondent for Swiss Newspapers and abroad, was editor of the “Rundschau” of the Swiss television. Prior to that, he had sociology, economic and social history in Zurich and Paris, studied. For his Dissertation, he went in 1980 to Warsaw. In 1997, he has presented the Film “messages from the underground”; it is Wall Street” (2004) or “Swiss” Sans-Papiers “” (2006) followed “.

The DOC.festival in Munich focuses on artistic films and documentaries. It lasts until Sunday (19. May). Be shown a total of 159 films from 51 countries, two-thirds of the world – or German premieres. As the organizers said more, was one of the Festival this year, over 50’000 visitors, an attendance record for the same.