nightmare traffic jam. Yesterday, shortly before 20 clock in Cessalto, Treviso (I) to a pile-up. The traffic is in stop-and-Go. A truck brakes abruptly. The Toyota RAV 4, follows him, not keeping enough distance. Behind him, a black Volvo. The cracks in the Toyota, pushing the silver all-terrain vehicle under the truck.

occupants were in the vehicle, pinched

On Board a Swiss Family. Father, mother and two minor children. The Toyota is crushed in the pile-up in such a way so that the occupants remain trapped. The fire Department is immediately alerted.

put a hydraulic clamp and free the injured from the car wreck. You will be brought with two outpatient clinics in the hospitals to Treviso and Portogruaro (I). The injuries are not life-threatening.

responsible for causing the accident comes easily hurt by this

the driver of The black Volvo gets away with minor injuries, the truck with a horror. Two hours, the fire Department needs to clear the roadways. 22 PM, the A4 was free again.