Again, the US car manufacturer Tesla in Switzerland is before the court. A Geneva businessman was writes in the April 2017 on the French motorway to Paris on the way, as the “Tribune de Genève”. Also on Board are his children. The father takes it comfortably and turns on the auto pilot.

Then it happened: The Tesla crashes into a maintenance vehicle. Paramedics have to cut him from the wreck. He does not feel his legs. His children remain miraculously unharmed. Seven Times the man is in surgery. Currently, he is learning, according to the report.

Now it’s Tesla to the collar

The entrepreneur of Tesla in front of buttons. The case is currently at the Geneva civil court. This has decreed that a further report will need to be created. In addition, the court requires that Tesla puts the investigation authorities of the wreck and the data collected. The justice wants to know why the Autopilot to recognize the maintenance vehicle, and therefore, has not slowed down.

At the request of the “Tribune de Genève” has Tesla any guilt: “If the Autopilot System is activated, the driver is responsible to pay attention to his environment.” He would eventually have control of the car.

In the first Swiss case, a Bern regional court decided by the end of 2017, in a similar case, that the driver was in spite of the switched-on driver assistance system for a Crash is responsible. (pbe)