Tomorrow the new Japanese Emperor ascends to couple to the throne. The beginning of a new Era touches designer Kazu Huggler (49). Because their Japanese grandparents had personal contact with the Imperial house: a Tradition, which maintains Kazu continued and renewed.

The Swiss-Japanese fashion designer weaves her two cultures in this country to elegant Couture, Empress Michiko (84). You visited in 2014 in the framework of a diplomatic Ceremony, a fashion show from Kazu in Tokyo, then an invitation to the Palace followed. “A very important recognition for me. Because of my fashion, it’s about cultivating the Japanese Aesthetic and to transport these at the same time, in a new age.” The special Incident Mode, the Tan collection. They used old kimono fabrics, which is approximately 35 centimeters of narrow fabric panels you cut in: “If you processed the silk so you can make the seams always split and do something else with it,” she explains.

Rare historical Kimonos, you will be at the coronation of the new Imperial couple on 1. To see may get. “There are precious ceremonial robes, are the unique occasion worthy of it,” said Kazu. Unique is, that the Emperor Would passes his Emperor before his death to his successor. “Therefore, such a celebration there is in Japan the mood,” says Kazu. “The old Imperial couple is very popular and you begrudge them a well-deserved rest. There is to mourn no one, but it comes to the celebration of a new Era.”

The Emperor change is a celebration of ten consecutive holidays, these take up to 6. May. From the future Emperor Naruhito (59) and his wife Masako (55) awaits the people according to the polls, that the Few Japan represented more frequently abroad. The matching task for the new Empress, as Kazu explained: “it is a diplomat’s daughter, well educated and speaks four languages. I believe that you will flourish in it.”

Kazu Huggler is on 1. May at 18.40 PM on SRF 1 in the “G & G special: Japan’s new Emperor” in the Interview.