With Hanging and gagging, Grunting and groaning a weak FC Sion drags in first-tier Linth in the Cup quarter-finals. And so must its President Erich Fischli no further thoughts, whether he would prefer to YB or Basel in the quarter-finals as opponent. But it was close. Clearly, there is this early goal, but that comes only by a lack of head-ball defense of the Schindler state. Lenjanis semi-high edge sunk Kasami to Sion-management (10.). But it goes on in this style. Rather, it is resinous, sticky, portly, which show the Valais. And so the first team that has the best defence of all three initial League groups, the better of the chances. In Sabanovics head to the ball it’s not 1:1 needs a Glanztat of Keeper Anton Mitryushkin, so that it is.

Shortly before the break, the Rookie hits the post. Uldrikis skin, the leather just above the housing. And Kasami Bay in the last second an Empty-Netter, as in ice hockey, because Linth-Goalie Lo Russo was in the penalty box to Compensate. The wars! Modest. Extremely modest.

0:1, 10. Minute: Linths Schindler brings the Ball not far enough away. Fortune can go in between. Lenjani with the clean edge Flat, Pajtim Kasami sunk as clinically.

Linth-goalkeeper Lorenzo Lo Russo is looking in the Sion area compensation in the case of a Corner. In return, Kasami put the Ball into the empty goal.

Anton Mitryushkin. For the first time, Sion win with him in goal. Also thanks to the Russians, because the reaction at the Sabanovics head to the ball (35.) it was quite strong.

He is more unlucky than the absolute Worst. But Levin Schindler’s short troubled his head to the ball defense is at the origin of the first goal of the game.

If today the Super League match in St. Gallen had stood up and coach Stéphane Henchoz would probably have exactly the same set up. Finally, it was nothing Less than his head. A Out in Linth would have survived Fribourg hardly.

Sion is guesting on Saturday night at 19 o’clock in St. Gallen.