The Singer-Songwriter Nick Mellow (26) is well on its way, the new Swiss teen Star to. The social pedagogy Student with the cuddly voice, and the special guitar style, the heart of all the female Fans melt.

His Instagram profile is full of unique love messages. “I’m glad of that, of course,” says Mellow. “Male Fans are just as welcome as female.”

Not only in Switzerland, also in Germany, the likeable Aargau has to be one of his musical idols John Mayer (41) and Shawn Mendes (21), already has a large fan base. There, he has made it to the streaming platform Spotify in several of the large Playlists, and its Single, “Complicated” cracked a few weeks ago, even the 1 Million Streams mark.

Mellow has to play special “Fingerstyle”

The guitar has taught Mellow during his apprenticeship in the music business in Zofingen, AG. “As in the lunch break, my colleagues eat are gone, I practiced to play the guitar,” he says. “I did it to me only by Youtube Videos of self-taught. Later, guitar teacher helped me, the with us in the Shop and out.”

However, normal guitars chrummen was the 26-Year-old to get bored. Therefore, he turned quickly to the “Fingerstyle”, in the plucking the strings and guitar body taps. Mellow: “I’ve developed my own style and wars of my Fans, especially a lot of feedback.”

“The most beautiful home”

His guitar tricks Nick Mellow this weekend, also performing at the Serene open air in Zofingen. For the Aargauer a very special Moment: “There are so many people will be there, I know: family, friends, Acquaintances. This makes a particularly nervous, and you want to spanking the appearance in any case”, so Mellow. Then the singer adds with a smile: “on the Other hand, it is also the most beautiful home I can imagine.”