not long ago, as Edition Populaire is moved. In a corner shop in Zurich’s Kreis 4. That almost entirely consists of Windows, is so beautiful as clever. You cannot get around simple drum, the nose to push flat. Vases, glasses, pillows, jewelry, candles, small furniture … And you want a exactly where you have a: You want to go in. Just take a quick look. Before you know it, you are then something at the cashier, you did not know before, that you need it urgently. But that’s the way it with beautiful things – they make you happy. Especially now. Therefore, we replace the window front against our laptop screen, and browse it there. Surf through the categories of “oh Live”, “kitchen”, “bathroom”, …, well, “body care”! Just look, ne?
While our Online fills the shopping cart, we asked the people at Theda Schoppe, one-fifth of the Edition-Populaire-Teams, as it is their Concept Store.

Theda Schoppe: no, you can’t be prepared. We have set up, fortunately, before that, an online store and now have to rely fully on this platform.

The sudden closure means for us is, unfortunately, a huge drop in sales. Our Shop thrives on the personal advice and many customers also still prefer the analog and are not online. Of course, it is also connected to a lot of effort to curate the online shop as well as possible, and advice is also still available by Mail or phone to offer.

We continue to try to contact our customers to maintain. On the one hand, by Mail and telephone, but also via Instagram or Newsletter.

We very much hope that we all can go to many other small shops and farms strengthened from this crisis. Fortunately, the most be, at least, by the possibility of short-time working, a little relieved.

of Course, there are the beautiful moments! We are actually glad about any order and the solidarity of our clientele.

By shopping online with us!

Thank you, Theda!

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