Parking meters have until now belonged to the Swiss city and village image, such as Zebra stripes or road workers. Around 125 million francs, Park fees, take public administrations a year, neither buses nor the private Park included houses of Migros, SBB & co..

But now there are plans, the Parking meters should be abolished. In Grenchen, AS such has been removed in the past two years, every second meter. “This is a product that needs to look contrary to his end”, says Christian Ambühl, commander of the city police Grenchen.


take His Alternative: Apps. Park students will no longer have to run to a Parking meter, a suitable coin, a Ticket, back to the car, run back, and the Ticket behind the windshield place, but can check-in on arrival at the car Park simply by means of an App, your things to do, and when you Leave the Parkfelds check out. The amount will be directly debited from the mobile phone.

This also has the advantage that you do not pay a lot, so, for example, two hours, but only 90 minutes is required. Also for the police, the processes are simplified through the Apps. The officials no longer need to run to the meter and check, whose time is expired, but can scan via phone number signs.

Christian Ambühl is enthusiastic about the pilot project that has been running for two years. “Each year, we have saved a high five-digit amount. The maintenance of the machine is less, the ticket strip will need to be replaced, Sabotage-damage also fall away as the cost of the Coin. In addition, we do not have any loss of revenue, if a Parking meter works.”

Without Innovation is doomed

Ambühl is a pioneer, but by far not the Only one who think about it, to replace Parking meters. In Switzerland, around 200 locations, including more than half of the 30 largest Swiss cities are experimenting with different systems. The largest provider of digital Parking AG, which has launched its App “Parkingpay” especially in the age of digitization not to go down in this country. Because the company is at the same time, Switzerland’s largest operators of Parking meters and the current business model at risk.

“half of The Park watches will disappear in the next five to ten years, respectively, not replaced,” says Reto Schläpfer, Director of products and solutions for the digital Parking AG. “We expect our annual sales will go back to 50 percent,” says the 35-Year-old, refers to the Scandinavian countries or the Netherlands, where conventional Parking meters a thing of the Modern space.

Zürich and Lucerne jump to

food for thought, currently in Zurich. In April, the largest city in Switzerland and introduces a cashless payment option to its approximately 10’000 on street Parking white. The Park students will have the opportunity to test Apps from three providers. “If, in the future, to Parking meters can be dispensed with, depends on how intensively the new service will be used,” says Martin Guggi, Department for transport.

That potential is available, the following Figures show: The city of Zurich takes a year to around 24 million Swiss francs, Park fees. In the end, only about 7.8 million Swiss francs from the Park flowing, but fees into the city Treasury. This is comparatively a huge effort by more modern options to optimize.

Twint in Lucerne

The town of Lucerne, has had similar thoughts. Since last November, a digital meter is tested, the more the Parking space number, but the Car must be indicator to be entered. In addition to coins, motorists can pay with a Twint. “The new Parking meter at the lion’s ditch, leads to an increase in efficiency in operation and maintenance and facilitates the control activity in combination with cashless payments,” Leevke Stutz from the deep of the city of Lucerne, Department satisfied.

faults could be faster and flushes more efficiently planned and carried out fixed. “In addition, the control by the Lucerne police and is greatly simplified. You can scan with your App, the license plate of the parked vehicles and receive the payment status on your device,” says Stutz.

she believes it is feasible “to replace the existing and outdated Parking meters in the future through the latest technology”. Concrete information could not be made.

with police in a drive-by

That Parking meters disappear, do not believe Reto Schläpfer. Some people would always want to pay with cash, he says. In the future, it will be in Switzerland, so two systems: people can choose whether they want to continue to pay with coin, or an App you want to use. This is cheaper, is because a App is needed, of course, does not have the same maintenance or control effort, such as a Parking meter. In addition, you can forget either his wallet or his cell phone at home and still Park.

what seems certain is that the Parking meters will lose their dominant role in the city’s image. Instead, then cars with cameras could take on the roof of the supremacy.

This is not Google, with such cars for years for attention, but the police, the entire areas of the Park i.e. belong to then, however, literally in a drive-by can control. The first of such Tests was already in Geneva. The results are to be satisfactory to be failed.