began 50 years ago Today, the legendary music Festival Woodstock, in the U.S. state of New York. It is the Thinking of a whole Generation changed. During three days, 400’000 people celebrated peacefully together. The living spirit of tolerance, free love, and closeness to nature influenced the social and cultural life. Also of Swiss personalities.

volume down (74), Ur-Roadie: “When I was in New York, I lived always with Miles Davis in the 77. Street in Manhattan. Everywhere in the city, this Woodstock hanging posters, which made me gluschtig. Me, was tempted to go, mainly because I was friends with Mitch Mitchell the drummer of Jimi Hendrix. Thanks to Miles Davis, I was able to fly with The Who in the Shuttle helicopter. The first impression was a shock: during the approach, you could see that all the streets were totally clogged. On the site I found that the hygienic conditions were terrible. There were just 200 latrines for 450’000 visitors. Fortunately, the military threw on Saturday morning, 250’000 emergency rations, which stilled the Hunger a little. A couple of jokers had thrown LSD in the water container – many of them were so high. Nevertheless, there was a big to each other, the mood of the Late-hippie time was just cool. Babies were conceived and born. Woodstock had been surprised by the onslaught of so many people. Nevertheless, it was impressive, how about 400 000 people under difficult circumstances, lived together, and the highest enjoyment of music experienced. I will never forget.”

“it was really Remarkable to Woodstock in addition to music, during three days, nearly half a Million people crammed together, rainy, in unbequemster way side-by-side in community living and not the smallest exchange of blows occurred. This is unique in the history of the festival. Today we live in a completely different time, but for me, as a stray Rock-Hippie, despite the inflated Woodstock-the myth of following utopian potential of strong Songs that connect, non-conformist, natural, women, and the eternal struggle against wars and devastation remained: of any kind. For the freedom, openness, self-determination, and the love in all forms.”

Tschanz (75) communications specialist : “Woodstock has interested me burning. I was 25, my Generation was trimmed to Learn and Contribute. And suddenly, everything spoke of free love and a new looseness. At home and with friends is much debate about the fact that there are still other things in life than just the school; as it suddenly went to music and staying up all night. Of course, I would be sat happily in the middle of the swamp. But that is not the time to rumgejettet like today. The images I will never forget.”

“I started my career as a professional musician. I was more of a jazz musician, less of the Rocker. But I had seen Jimi Hendrix a year before in the stadium of Zurich and was fascinated. Many other artists, who performed at Woodstock, were later large – Carlos Santana and Joe Cocker, for example, I could later accompany it. In General one can say that Woodstock has put on artists who later became world famous. Seen in this way, the Festival is a milestone in the history of rock.”

Lady: “Woodstock of the actual Hippie period lagged behind two years. We moved in back in 1967 in Hippie clothes, “If you re going to San Francisco” walking through the London Kings Road, armed with a huge Mexican paper flowers. From the whole extent of the former Chaos in Woodstock, it was learned in Switzerland rather late – in documentation and Reports.”

the new drummer (77), Singer-Songwriter: “In the Woodstock summer, I was one of the young 27 Lenze. Three and a half years earlier I had married my Ruthli. We have heard from the Festival, because we were with the Sauterelles on Tour. It was, at the time, not that you sat as a musician quickly in the plane and over jetted. It was also much too expensive. Probably only a few of us were there. The wires were then hot. Newspapers and television reported on this first, rather hesitant. The documentary set in our minds. He made known the Acts of that time – Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin or Joe Cocker – with us, really.”

“went As a Woodstock on the stage, I was still too young to have the event to perceive. Later, we went with the Velo from Wallisellen to Zürich to watch the Woodstock Film, and were intrigued. Much of what was initiated by the Hippies, and Back on still lives: The-the-Land movement, for example, began with the Hippies. I have an old farmhouse in the country, and I try to live environmentally conscious – the consciousness-expanding drug, however, I no longer need. Maybe Woodstock has not changed as an event in my life. But the Hippies have opposed the war in Vietnam to resist. This is something that has stayed with me: Who is at war, is always in the wrong. We have a Tribute at the Theater Rigiblick a big Woodstock-evening of theatre brought out that we show at the end of September, in the theatre 11.”

of Course we have perceived of Woodstock, but I don’t know exactly when. To the big event it was. in our latitudes, only with the 1970 broadcast Film and, of course, of the three-part LP, which is pretty tapped from the many play – still in my record Cabinet I was then infiltrated by the spirit of the times, proud of my long hair and the long leather coat. With colleagues, we had danced rented at the time, a Stöckli in the surroundings of Solothurn, in the we nights music also heard of Woodstock, and the next Morning, great discussions.”

“I saw Woodstock at the cinema and heard it in front of the record player. The opposition to the Vietnam war, has carried me, and how Jimi Hendrix expressed it musically, has always fascinated me. The urge to freedom, the way of the timid, lying morality, it became necessary for all of us. But to seek him with drugs, I felt even then, as a fallacy. Many have paid a high price for it, even with your life. The Generation of Woodstock has some of the reached. Walls were torn down, but new ones were built and are. Anti-racism is successfully combated, but its roots were not pulled out. The Vietnam war is ended. The Iraq was instigated war, an equally irresponsible crime. My Hope? Woodstock: The courage to be free, each Generation of new ventures. I am looking forward to the next one.”