around a third that uses both channels with approximately equal frequency. A on Wednesday published a study by the consulting firm Oliver Wyman on behalf of the Swiss Retail Federation has actually revealed that 61 percent of a total of almost 2’400 respondents in the German – speaking part of Switzerland shop mainly in-Store. The question was: “Via which channel do you cover the majority of your shopping?”

Around a third of the survey participants weighted the shopping in the Store and Online channels is approximately equal, only 7 percent of a buy, primarily over the Internet. Otherwise, I think we’re almost 40 percent of the population, for the shopping on e-way is at least as important as physically.

The Swiss Retail Federation wanted to understand with your survey, according to own statements “dramatic structural change” in the Swiss retail trade. The results were on the one hand, confirming previous findings, and would on the other hand, the amazement, the conclusion of the Association.

“Aktionitis” was outdated, so, for example, a discount of battles, such as on “Black Friday”, is a conclusion from the survey. These are the industries “Eigengoal”, because it’s the mainly the buyer would be addressed, which would have had the appropriate purchase intention. Permanently low prices for consumers are more important than actions.

it is remarkable, moreover, that there is in the division between physical and Online shopping large differences among industries. So about Convenience be done, and Kiosk items, food and articles of daily necessities, toiletries, and medicines, as well as the garden needs still for the most part, physically.

Bigger is the Online share of sales is about furniture and home textiles, Baby and children’s articles, clothing and footwear, sports goods or electronics. In the case of books and music, only a quarter of the sales are made in the Store.

The Swiss Retail Federation, the Association of small and medium-sized retail company in Switzerland. Among its members homes, specialist markets and specialist stores, the consumer and cash & carry Stores, self – detail lists, Food retailers and kiosks. They offer a total of around 40’000 jobs and an annual turnover of around 12 billion Swiss francs. (SDA)