environmental and climate protection is the Swiss Federal customs administration (FCA) is a concern. Worker protection also. In the summer, the FCA has, therefore, decided to supply of the heat especially-ridden workers free of charge with mineral water. to buy

Instead of tons of PET bottles, has decided to the FCA for a “sustainable and economic solution”: All of the 6000 employees – among other customs officers and border guards – were given a free custom water bottle that can fill itself with water.

The bottle comes from America

Ecologically, but in a sustainable way? The bottles were not ordered by the FCA about a Swiss producer, but from an American manufacturer. In the wreaths, the products of the company Hydro-Flask from the U.S. state of Oregon, as spokesman Michael Steiner LOOK-confirmed information.

in Total, the order volume of 150’000 Swiss francs. The Swiss economy – about the company Sigg in Frauenfeld, yet-to-drink bottles – benefits, however, hardly. Only the Swiss trading company Trikora AG was commissioned to procure the bottles and to print.

The attempt failed, the Swiss

But why the Swiss customs are not ordered from a Swiss company? This speaker Steiner, the customs administration in a “field test” tested a total of seven bottles from five different manufacturers, explains. “The bottle Hydro Flask has proven to be a ideal solution for the needs of the FCA out.” She was a sturdy, powder-coated, practical in application, and have the necessary insulation function with heat and cold.

According to Steiner, are two Swiss Sigg bottles in the field trial, tested the Swiss customs but obviously failed.