Actually, it moved the Swiss Guillaume Pousaz (37) because of his surfing passion to California. That was 14 years ago. In the last week the founder and CEO of the payment company at a stroke, has become a billionaire. To LOOK he is down-to-earth: “I want My children to have a good heart and good moral values.” The start with honesty, generosity, courage, humility, and empathy.

hired As a Pousaz after studying in Lausanne in 2005 at a Start-up in the area of payment processing in California, he was an Enthusiastic one among many young Tech. But why it managed to, of all things, the young Romand to the top? “ we always had big dreams, but we also knew that we had to do each step correctly in order to achieve our goals,” explains Pousaz. “This requires discipline, hard work, and long working hours were.”

millions of pants present

The company, which Pousaz was founded in 2012, is via Smartphones, in millions of pants bags present. The company for the settlement of transactions, between payment services à la Mastercard or Apple Pay on the one hand, and platforms such as Samsung or Easyjet-mother easy group, on the other hand, is responsible. The number of payments on such platforms is increasing rapidly.

last week, had US in a first round of financing 230 million-dollars collected – an unusually high sum for a Start-up, like eye reported. The company is rated with two billion dollars. How much have ahold of the company, the new investors and what belongs to Pousaz, he does not want to say.

However, the “Financial Times”: “The Deal has made the 37-year-old Swiss native who lives with his wife and children in the United Arab Emirates, for a billionaire.” The money he has, however, not on the account, but only as a share of the company.

love for the Swiss mountains that now has 345 employees in eight locations around the globe, he plans for the next ten years is not only an annual growth of 50 percent. “My Mission is to build the Banking of the future,” he says. As a Chef, he would like to get the Best out of his employees. “I’m successful, if you come happy to the office, and also happy to go back home,” he says.

“Switzerland, I owe to my good education in the public school, my values and my love for the mountains and Outdoor sports.” Not least for this reason, he flew his Team for the last four years in Switzerland. For Pousaz is most of the time. Nevertheless, he finds time each day for the running sport, he participates in Triathlons, and surfing.

How many of the most spectacular Start-up start-UPS of recent years, the Checkout comes from the Fintech industry. 2017 Checkout made 46,8 million dollars in sales, a rise of 56 percent compared to the previous year. The profit: 23.9 million, up 61 percent.

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