Who can describe our young hero is better than your Trainer? Peter Mathys reveals why Delia Sclabas is so irresistible. Karl Wyler reveals the secret to the success of Simon Ehammer. And Lukas Wieland sets the trump cards of his “little” brother Simon on the table.

Delia Sclabas – 1500-m-Gold – The Chröttli that can fly!

As a mother, Barbara Sclabas on 8. November 2000 to look at shortly after the birth of their triplet daughters for the first time, the proud Mama at the sight of the smallest, the warm towels wrapped Delia, just a remark: “the it chlis Chröttli.” In fact, Delia has to fight in their first days and weeks of hard to Survive.

“This strong fighting spirit has stayed until today,” says Delia’s Trainer Peter Mathys on the freshly baked Junior European champion over 1500 m. “I don’t need to brake in the Training often, in order to go every Time to their limits. Because, what always makes Delia also, you want to make it perfect.”

This not only applies to the Sport. “By the way, she has completed during the last Race-weeks, the Matura. Not at a special sports school, but at the normal Gymnasium. And on the day of the Athletissima Lausanne prior to your Start in the evening, the Numerus clausus test for the study of medicine, filed.”

Delia Sclabas – a woman who can do everything: in addition to your athletics is triumphs you two times Junior world champion in the Triathlon and the Aquathlon. Skeptics worry that you verzettle in their younger years. Trainers Mathys sees it differently: “That Delia trained by the way, also on the bike and in the Pool, helps to protect your musculoskeletal system. So it comes as Mittelstrecklerin with a modest 50 to 60 kilometers per week.” You can’t Run just and Triathlon, demonstrates Delia at the recent U20 European championship. In the 1500-m final sprint, it flies to the opponent literally it.

Simon Wieland – javelin throw-Gold – The one with genes for Big!

It may be a coincidence that the 18-year-old Bernese spear thrower Simon Wieland during the Junior-EM shares in Boras the room with the ten battle-Prince Simon Ehammer. The double-Simon’s Shine in the end both with Gold.

Wieland “shoot” in the most important Competition of the season with the 800-gram spear the competition with a series of personal best marks. With 73,07 m he had traveled to the 79,44 m have brought him Gold.

“Simon can focus on a Competition,” says coach Luke Wieland. He is Simon’s older brother – also a athletics crazy Wieland Family from behind it consists of the village BE. “Mother, Susanne discus thrower was, the father Beat spearmen. And our maternal grandfather, Oskar Häfliger, 1946 in Oslo, EM-participants in the decathlon in 1952 as a discus thrower at the Olympics in Helsinki in the process.”

Five boys and a girl there in the house of Wieland. “All launchers”, says Luke. “We have at home our own the weight room, in the old dumbbells and Weights of our grandfather’s are. And right in front of the house there are the school sports field, where I and Simon to train often.”

In contrast to his silver-tongued Trainer-brother Luke was Simon “a thinker and a dreamer. He can sit for minutes, without saying a word. In his mind Simon is throw then the spear. Visualize perfect technique, large-Wide, and how he beats his opponents. Also, the best. That, and his explosive power are the strength of Simon’s great,” says Luke.

you and the families of genes have brought the second-youngest in the house of Wieland, now a Junior, EM-Gold.

Simon Ehammer – decathlon-Gold – The Prince of Appenzell

ten fighters are because of their versatility, as the kings of the athletes. Since this Junior-EM year old, 1.84 m wide Appenzell-Ausserrhödler Simon Ehammer is the 19, or at least a Prince. He can celebrate in southern Sweden about two more battle-days a is superior to that of most victories.

“A victory, the Simon for weeks has made,” says Karl Wyler, the depths with his brother René in the TV and in the Appenzeller athlete-school for Ehammers Training is responsible. “Don’t dream of Siegen – train for that!”, with this principle, Simon Ehammer has applied to the Swiss sports aid for a sponsorship.

There are no empty words. The neighbor of Bob Olympic gold medallist Alex Baumann of stone AR dominates the EM-ten struggle from A to Z. the physically stronger Germans have no Chance. “Simon is a perfectionist,” says coach Karl Wyler. This is reflected in the excellent technique over the hurdles or the long jump. In the throws of the Prince of Appenzell, can compensate for the lack of power with good technique.

“If it is not running as Simon wants, he gets strong and wants to make it better immediately,” says Wyler, and is called an example. “In the high jump at the European championship, he flew high above and 1.97 meters, has not Packed then the 2 meters but. Then he asked me why he could not jump 2 meters and got kicked out of anger with the foot against the gang. In the following 400, he sprinted as fast as never before.”

As a perfectionist, but not as bitterly Wyler referred to his athletes. The best conditions to crack soon the 8000 points.