especially in the airports badly. The Basel Euro airport lands on rank 77 of the 132 surveyed airports. Further back, the Zurich airport (87) ranks. And Geneva, there is only on place 106.

the study by the airline passenger rights Portal AirHelp was Carried out. The main criterion for the punctuality in the year 2018, as it is called in a message from Thursday. In addition, the criteria “service quality” and “food and shopping on offer were” in the standings. These have been collected via surveys.

the Swiss are unpunctual

In all three Swiss airports the punctuality was the main reason for the relatively poor ranking. The world’s best airports are those according to the information in Doha, Tokyo, and Athens.

The punctuality of Swiss airports is a known Problem. So a study was written on behalf of the Federal office for civil aviation (Foca), and industry representatives recently stated, a deterioration. In particular, the airports of Zurich and Geneva have suffered from increased capacity constraints, it had welcomed it. These are a consequence of the runway system, as well as night flight restrictions.

Swiss Service, the only means of mass

In the ranking of the Airlines, the Swiss ended up on the 36th place, with 72 companies were examined. This placement resulting mainly from poor punctuality values, as well as a quantitative processing of claims for Compensation, writes AirHelp. But also in the quality of service the company is according to the survey, only mediocrity.

The world’s best Airlines are Qatar Airways, American Airlines, and Aeroméxico. The best European society, ranks with the SAS on rank 4.

The Lufthansa group, the Swiss, cut the Austrian Airlines with a ranking of 9 significantly, and Lufthansa (24) is slightly better than the Swiss. On the rear-most seats are to be found in the Other low-cost airlines such as Easyjet (71) and Ryanair (68).