1. We will see in 2019 the first transducer, earned in the year of a Million francs?

The point is, who is the king of swing. So far, the last season was not resigned as king Matthias Sempach as the absolute top earners to around 700’000 Swiss francs per year strokes – although he thank you all of the marketing opportunities. In the scene, it is agreed: the Bernese Remo cheesemaker of the large litter, it is likely to crack the Million. It is clear that “The big money may only make the swing the king is – if he wants it at all,” says Michael Schiendorfer, which manages, among other things, the intra-Swiss Joel Wicki and Pirmin Reichmuth.

2. Who are they advertising the best-earner in the Swing?

The exact Figures remain a secret. But next to Sempach and cheesemakers are likely to earn with the king, Kilian Wenger and Unspunnen-winner Christian Stucki, two other Bernese quite well, without coming close to a seven-digit amount. Behind it is the reigning king Matthias Glarner, Arnold Forrer will follow as king, 2001, then Wicki. With a Favourite of Samuel Giger, who from a sporting point of view, the best prospects for good contracts waived, and the preliminary sponsors. 2,277 million, the Swiss Schwinger 2018 earned a total advertising – a new Top value.

3. The money is in the Swing, so on the road?

Yes and no. “The advertising money is sitting so loose, as is commonly believed,” says Roger M. Fuchs, among other things, Manager of cheesemakers, Sempach, and Forrer. “Now advertisers will be required more than in the past. This is hard work.” Specifically: A Logo on the chest is not enough alone for a long time, the effort is always greater. In addition to commercials and public appearances for the transducer of social media such as Instagram and Facebook are becoming more and more important. One of the trump cards of this versatile cheese maker, is also in this area: In the race for the “Swiss Influencer Award” is the Bern in the category “sports” in the Top 5, along with footballer Xherdan Shaqiri, Skier Wendy Holdener, Snowboarder Iouri Podladtchikov, and the Fitness Model Marco Laterza.

4. Can you speak more of a wrestling Boom?

It looks so. In the Federal 2013 and 2016, in Burgdorf and Estavayer the Arena with 52’000 spectators was huge. In the train you is going to be even bigger. If on 24. and 25. August will be fought to the king’s title, it’s on the stands for the 56’500 spectators per day. Which means Overall, will be at the two days of 113’000 spectators in the stands. A grandstand seat cost is 245 francs. With the Public Viewing, it is assumed that on the weekend of the Federal Ministry of the 350’000 people on the site. “In times of globalisation, there is increasingly the desire for home, roots, family, the simple,” says Fuchs. “Is the doing of the society and the values of the tuning sport. In my view this is a reason why companies like to engage in Swinging.”

5. And the other vibrating solid?

the feel of a Boom. “You realize that the Federal increases the interest,” says Daniel Hüsler, OK-President of the Lucerne Cantonal, which will take place at the beginning of June in front of over 8000 spectators in Willisau. “The grandstand seats, which were previously in the free sale, of goods within sold out in six minutes!”

On Saturday starts in the Wreath of the season with the Thurgau, Zug, and Fribourg Cantonal. VIEW reports live from the sawdust-Ring. the So the Top pairings are in the 1. Response:

Thurgau in Frauenfeld
Daniel Bösch – Armon Orlik
Samuel Giger – David Schmid
Roger Domenic Schneider
Tobias Krähenbühl – Marcel Kuster
Beni Notz – Mike Peng
Stefan Burkhalter – Raphael Zwyssig

Joel Wicki – Marcel Mathis
Rychen – Andi Imhof – Pirmin Reichmuth
Andreas Ulrich – Marcel Bieri
Mike trash stone – Philipp Gloggner
Yanick Klausner – Damian Egli
Joel Strebel – Reto Gloggner

Benjamin Gapany – Christian Gerber
Lario Kramer – Fabian Staudenmann
Fritz Ramseier – Pascal Piemontesi
Johann Brocard – Adrian Thomet