Nick Alpigers Triumph at the intra-Swiss Association is firmly synonymous with the most surprising punch line in the previous wreath festive season. Exceptionally well Alpigers family history is.

The 22-Year-old growing up in the Canton of Aargau, in the Region Lenzburg, its strong roots, but he has an old wild Hauser farmhouse. This typical toggenburg building is now occupied by the best-known member of the Alpiger-Clans – Skistar Karl Alpiger (58). This won between 1985 and 1989, five world Cup downhills as well as two world championship bronze medals.

“I am the great-uncle of Nick”

Karl, the two sports shops and a umbrella bar at the ski wild house, his degree of relationship to the “evil” Nick: “My grandfather and his great-grandfather’s brothers were declared. Thus, I am the great-uncle of Nick.” Contact the two, primarily via SMS. “I wrote to him after his victory in the intra-a congratulations to Swiss message. Nick thanked promptly for it.”

Ski legend know, of whom Nick has inherited the Talent for the fight: “His great-grandfather and my grandfather were powerful images of men, whose hands were just as large as frying pans.”

Therefore, the Alpigers were at that time something like the last judgment in the upper toggenburg: “If a Stranger rested in a pub in wild house, he has not talked back for sure, if one of the Alpiger-brothers in the bar-parlour sat. The sight was too impressive”.

duel with Orlik burst

Nick Alpiger comes around today in the mountain classics on the white stone to the most difficult guest. In the Oscillation, he would have hit Armon Orlik (24), the five-time season winner. However, Orlik says with a shoulder-neck injury. “On the advice of the doctor, I’ll let this vibration,” said Orlik. Now Alpiger Fighting on the Bern Switzerland Bernhard.

Nick Alpiger – Bernhard Kämpf
Kilian Wenger, Samuel Giger
Joel Strebel – Arnold Forrer
Fabian Staudenmann – Raphael Zwyssig
Florian Gnägi – Michael Bless
Patrick Räbmatter – Samir Leuppi
Christoph Bieri – Matthias Aeschbacher
Roger Erb Roger Rychen
David Schmid – Beni Notz
Luke Döbeli – Tobias Krähenbühl
Andreas Döbeli – Patrick Schenk
Stephan Studinger – Fabian Kindlimann
Remo Stalder – Ruedi Roschi
Marcel Kropf – Michael Wiget
Markus Schläpfer – Patrick Gobeli