14 months Ago Matthias Sempach has taken in Entlebuch the farm on which his partner Heidi grew up in. Since then, the swing king lives in 2013, with his family in the same house as Heidi’s parents.

contacts between the grandparents and Sempachs children Henry (5) and Paula (2) are, therefore, also in Corona times, almost inevitable. “Heidi’s parents are fortunately still very good zwäg”, stresses Sempach. “But of course we try to protect the older members of the family, by leave of the court only in very rare cases. And the third birthday of daughter, Paula, we will be celebrating next Tuesday in the closest family circle.”

However, as the 106-fold wreath winners would compensate for the momentary vibration training ban, if he had not declared in the summer of 2018, his resignation? “I would set up in the yard, a weight room, and me keep fit.”

Wenger in the modern fitness center

In contrast to Sempach must make Kilian Wenger serious thought to how he wants to preserve his strength and endurance in the next few weeks. An advantage of the tuning king of 2010, In contrast to Christian Stucki, he does not have to struggle in a modestly furnished transitional power space in the Garage. “King Killian” has founded seven years ago with his conditioning coach, Roland Fuchs, a modern fitness center with the name “s4Sports”. “As co-owner I am lucky that I can work out here now. Of course, always assuming that nobody else is in the premises.”

Wenger, however, is sceptical about whether his small training advantage this year is spelled out in a wreath of victories: “I would not be surprised if there would be this year, no Wreath. I’m afraid that we will be able to ride because of the Coronavirus longer, no wrestling festival in front of an audience best.”

The more King Kilian enjoys the time he can spend at home with his dream women, last August, gave him his girlfriend, Kathy, the daughter of Mena Léanne. “Mena is thriving. Because Kathy can currently operate the home office, we are not dependent on the Sitting of neighbors or Acquaintances,” says Wenger, who is next to the swinging sports a larger stint as a truck driver.

life is beautiful

A comment by Felix Bingesser, editor-in-chief of sports

the Film “La vita è bella”, “life is beautiful”? This wonderful work by the Italian comedian Roberto Benigni? The father with his five year old son in a concentration camp. And telling him that it was All just a game. So the Little one survived the Horror without being traumatized.

are not the times for Jokes. Still, Who loses the Humor that has not recognized the seriousness of the situation. A quote like that also Adolf Ogi. In an Interview with Sunday vision, he talks about the effects of Corona on our company and the Sport. And reveals: “I’m doing well in these times every Morning, seven minutes of the head stand.”

is the keyword. Exactly the opposite of what listing the black-colored lard Locke Constantin is currently in the Valais. He distributed the $ 20 million he received for the sale of Cunha to Leipzig? No. He has put them in the bag. And now he yells to the state, and puts the player on the road.

but the losses, socialize and the community is a peculiarity of the turbo was to pass have always been capitalists. Of course: The Small and medium – sized enterprises and the self-employed must be helped. But it is precisely those who have always cursed the state, scream in the crisis, the loudest for government Intervention and assistance.

and the world will not be Corona, as before. And nevertheless, it is important not to lose the sporty attitude and the proverbial spirit of sport. If we walls just as suspicious of the Zombies to the House, creeping along and point the Finger at the older and weaker people, then we will lose this game.

what is a CC in the Canton of Valais. Anything other than solidarity.