its lock is made public, then he needs to go under the knife: Swiss Sven schurtenberger (27) in these days of little pleasant things to endure. The Mega-lock because of the Mini-Logos of U.S. sports article manufacturer Nike, the the transducer at the Swiss Federal Institute of in train Accidentally flash, is a hip-Operation. An intervention that had been planned for longer.

During the whole season of the Lucerne chunk of pain had risen to the sawdust – what moves his strong performances in the last few months, once again in a different light. “Now it was time for the Service,” says Schurtenberger, on demand, from VIEWS. The Operation went well.

The 130-pound chunks of hopes not to lose too much time. In a few days, the firm wants to “begin” again with athletic Training. And in a few weeks the vibration training is going to start again. Perhaps then, with better prospects: He is hoping to have his appeal against the Federation, judgment of success and with a milder punishment, to get away. (EC)