Whether or not the druid Getafix has been placed in Winterthur, Switzerland time his cauldron with the magic potion, is not known. It is clear, however, that Winterthur has to be a place of power.

Walter Flat, the unforgotten Karl Meli and Noldi Ehrensperger of the swinging club Winterthur presents kings of the three Vibration. For comparison: The whole of Central Switzerland has with Harry Knüsel only a single king.

The recent Obelix from Winterthur is Samir Leuppi. 1.94 meters tall, 141 pounds, 26 years old. For a few years, Leuppi sniffs at the absolute top.

The first Federal wreath as a large target

The big breakthrough of gigantic Leuppi not managed yet. The Federal 2013 in Burgdorf, he dislocated the Oscillation of the shoulder. The joint is put back on the court again. Leuppi goes to the well, makes some
pushups and swings. He wins his fight. But the doctor brings him to his senses and takes him out of the Competition.

weight-lifting, discus throwing, and magnetic fishing. These are the Hobbies of Samir Leuppi. In this case, the magnet seems to be fishing for something exotic. “Man is a rope, a Magnet in the water and looking then, what’s left of it”, says Leuppi. He has fished in lake Zurich also been a dagger to the Swiss army (see picture). The magnetic fishing Leuppi comes to rest. and cleans at the same time, waters.

Because he can’t be in 2016 in Estavayer due to a foot injury, missing him to the Federal crown. Therefore, it is obvious that Leuppi has set for this season, the priorities are clear: “I want to rim in the train of the Swiss Federal
. That objective is subordinate to,” he says. It would be nice if the Canton of Zurich in addition to Fabian Kindlimann a second confederates.

“Winterthur is connected with the Swing”

Leuppi, working with the transport police, came through his Grandfather to the voice of sport. And the Winterthur leads to vibration and the Tradition. Meanwhile, in the city of Zurich, the tattooed young men dancing at the Street Parade on the Quai bridge, lift Weights in Winterthur.

“from the city of Zurich is barely the tip of the transducer me not get surprised. Winterthur is much more rural, and by our history with Karl Meli and Noldi Ehrensberger poet with the Swing connected. Here the young are often still in the gymnastics club and the city of Winterthur is already a very sporty city,” says Leuppi. For him, Winterthur is a stand-alone enclave. “Winterthur is for me as the Principality of Liechtenstein. Independently. Clearly, we are in Zurich, but I feel Winti more like a large village.”

With 141 kg Leuppi, the Winterthur issue of Christian Stucki, the heavy-Wavers. “I’ve slimmed down a few pounds to be a little more mobile,” says Leuppi. The hardest transducer of the Aargauer Vieira Thiago is 155 pounds. Behind it is the fighting weight again and again is a mystery. In addition to Leuppi Stucki, Sven Schurtenberger, Patrick Räbmatter and the brothers Domenic and Mario Schneider but sure Kilos in the area of the Winterthurers on the scale.

Leuppi wants to be in Melis footsteps

by 2017, occur Leuppi has experienced his best season. He won the Zurich Cantonal and was at the Unspunnen-Schwinget excellent Fourth. Also this season, he has started strong again, and heard on Sunday at the Zurich Cantonal to the closest circle of favorites. Especially in the Oscillation with the intra-Swiss guest Patrick Betschart, for there is no “Evil”.

Leuppi is convinced that there are some young Zurich-based talents, which can provide a stir. Among them his younger brother, Karim, who is also a wreath of the oscillator. “But he focuses primarily on the job and can’t train five times a week as I do.”

Karl Meli, the best of Zurich-based transducers of all times, has previously mixed before the Competition, each with it’s own Trunk. Half a litre of wine, six eggs, sugar and a little brandy-and-white. This means Leuppi not. Otherwise, but he would like to come to the foot of the great Winterthur trudging transducer.

The Top pairings from the weekend are here. And the Cantonal especially in the Canton of URI. There winner Pirmin Reichmuth meet with the king’s two favourites, Joel Wicki and train-the Occurrence of two very hot candidates.

Pirmin Reichmuth – Joel Wicki
Andi Imhof – Sven Schurtenberger
Christian Schuler – Marcel Bieri
Benji von Ah Benji – Mike waste stone
René Suppiger – Andreas Ulrich
Erich Fankhauser – Reto Nötzli
Alex Schuler – Marcel Mathis

Matthias Aeschbacher – Christian Stucki
Florian Gnägi –Kilian Wenger
Simon Anderegg – Remo Käser
Thomas Sempach – Niklaus Zenger
Willy Graber – Patrick Schenk
Damian Gehrig – Kilian von Weissenfluh

Roger Rychen – Tobias Krähenbühl
Fabian Kindlimann – Domenic Schneider
Andreas Gwerder – Arnold Forrer
Stefan Burkhalter – Martin Roth
Samir Leuppi – Patrick Betschart