He wanted to crack this season, necessarily, the magical brand: Nöldi Forrer (40) had the 150. Wreath firmly in his sights. Now, the swinging king of 2001 will reach this milestone so soon.

the white stone of the Appenzeller conceded on Saturday first defeats against Joel Strebel and Kilian von Weissenfluh, then he needs to let the Aargauer Kaj Hügli a draw off. Forrer swings like a shadow of his former self. At noon, the message comes then: Nöldi on there! The slime bag really bothers him.

“I felt it in the Morning,” says the 147-fold wreath winners to VIEW. “I would have actually not supposed to compete, but that’s not me the head added.” He had a sudden, in the last few weeks too much, he suspects. “With four vibration fixed in a row.”

that’s Why Nöldi deserve a break now With the camper it goes next week in the holidays to Croatia. However, this also means that Because the Schwägalp, in the end, the wreath is in front of the Federal be the only remaining fixed, the 150 wreaths this year out of reach – Forrer next season is likely to attach a couple of festivals. (EC/mwp)