This is it! The largest part of the Berne Fans in the train Arena to the 6. Gear heads hang out. Your Stucki chrigu see just against Armon Orlik the second Asked captured. Thus, the life-long dream of the 34-year-old giants of the Bernese Seeland seems to have finally burst, the crown seems to be for the President of the Unspunnen-winner out of reach.

Joel Wicki and Orlik appear to the struggle for the throne among themselves to identify. However, on the tribune of the Caps, there is a woman that exudes of all things, in this Moment, a lot of optimism – it Stuckis wife Cécile is. “I don’t know why, but I had before the fight against Armon the much worse feeling than now. I feel somehow that for chrigu see something is possible”.

to build your “chrigu see” before the lunch break with a strong Muntsch. And about two hours later, shows that Mrs Stucki feels exactly the Right thing. Because Stucki Domenic Schneider defeated and Orlik against the Lucerne Sven schurte miss Berger the victory, he suddenly stands still in the final gear.

Now it needs “only” a victory over Wicki, the Royal dream goes in fulfillment. Although Stucki brought in the undecided fifth gear against the Wicki no compelling train into existence, is sure the lady of his heart again to victory: “chrigu see will blow your mind the Joel!”

The Rest of this story is well known – the “chrigu see” to skin the 22-Year-old Swiss in fact after about 40 seconds. The first kiss as a king, he does not press of course the maid of honor on the cheek, but his First Lady on the mouth.

The new put on their drill trousers-Monarch knows exactly, that he had conquered the throne without Cécile never. Because: Before he gets to know the attractive blonde from Erlach on lake Biel and in love, the giant Talent of a sloppy life.

In the sawdust goes out to him again and again the air. Because he’s grape, the most in its Stammbeiz 400 grams of pasta with four Rahmschnitzeln and canned peaches, nibbled, he is getting fatter and fatter. For the victory at the Kilchberg-Schwinget in 2008, it is still at a Two-day event at the Swiss in 2010 in Frauenfeld, missing him, but for the big throw, the substance.

In the women’s field but will be initiated in Stuckis life the turning to the good – while his Bernese colleague Kilian Wenger celebrates its king’s title, falls in love with “chrigu see” in the Bernese tent in Cécile.

At her side the sloppy genius developed into a reputable family man and athlete. He used to smoke, to eat instead of greasy chips, always more fresh vegetables and cereals, and begins to train even harder. Result: at the Federal 2013 Stucki is stopped only in the final gear of Matthias Sempach.

Stucki uses a forced break for a hard workout

Four years after Burgdorf Stucki learns with the athletic Trainer Tommy Duke is still a very pioneering people. The two-fold wreath transducer and former Swiss champion in the four-man Bob makes Stucki physically stronger, he strengthens him, especially in the head and learns him how to focus in a big Competition. He triumphed in 2017 at the Unspunnen.

Therefore, Stucki remains last spring is also cool, as he’s on the Emmental, the inner band on the left knee tears. He uses the forced break in the sawdust for a harder strength and conditioning Training.

Before leaving for the train he conceded, but his coach is still a strong earful. “In its most recent stress Test at the Bernese Cantonal chrigu see was suddenly back to loving. To push instead of in front of a gear and to focus, he stopped on the way to the Ring for Selfies with Fans. The defeat against Bernhard Kämpf was a result of it. That’s why I had to Wake him up before the Federal once again, with clear words.”

And thanks to this Wake-up call Stucki is now the oldest king of swing history. In this case, the Overshoot actually wanted to be a footballer. But because he has given for his Shoe size 51 is no match of the football mountain, he had to finish his football career with 14.

man Stucki, what a story. It is not over yet. His big goal: Pratteln 2022.