Five crowns

Pirmin Reichmuth swings currently in a League of its own. The third Wreath, third-party success. “He is currently the superior transducer,” says swing king Matthias Sempach. In terms of style and domination Reichmuth is reminiscent of the Sempach, the best days.

Four crowns

Joel Wicki, Armon Orlik and the still-ailing Samuel Giger are currently somewhat in the shadow of Reichmuth. Orlik and Wicki are fit and ready, with Giger there are minor question marks on his shoulder

Three crowns

Daniel Bösch has put in his victory in Schaffhausen, his strong Form once again demonstrated. BeiChristian Stucki, it is more a race with time. He is quite fit? If Yes, then the veteran is in need of a few gears, to be a king contender.

Two crowns

Kilian Wenger has against Sven Berger Schurte a painful beating. Irresistible, the king is still at work. Remo cheesemaker is a hot geek, in the same way as Sven Schurtenberger.Nick Alpiger, Curdin Orlik and Samir Leuppi also remain in the extended circle of favorites.

A crown

king Matthias Glarner has made in Training already tremendous progress. But it remains, as of today, clear geek. With a crown you may consider also such exciting names like Michael Bless, as well as the North-West Swiss Joel Strebel, and Michael Bächli. In the same way as Matthias Aeschbacher, the not yet of the brilliant form of the previous year. With his victory in the Mediterranean has been drained Bernhard Kämpf something in the foreground.