As a Boy, the Zug Pirmin Reichmuth (23) has looked with shining eyes at the Schwyzer Philip Laimbacher (36) up to: “Be swinging style has fascinated me from the first Moment on, total, Philip was the great role model of my Childhood.”

as a reminder: At the Swiss Federal Institute 2004, Lucerne, Pipo is provided “” as Second only to the king Jörg Abderhalden in the shadows, 2007, he is in Aarau third parties. In the fall of 2017, the three-time winner of the intra-Swiss part of the Association must be rich in his glory to finish his career.

Now it is Laimbacher who is a big Fan of Reichmuth: “Pirmin has qualified already for 2014 as a 18-Year-old for the final course, at that time, he has impressed me especially with his lake of Brienz. But after he had ripped three Times, the cruciate ligament, he had to change his swinging ways. And he succeeded in a sensational manner.”

Laimbacher continued his hymn of praise: “Pirmins momentum combinations from the Stand, fit perfectly, he can put his opponent, but in ground combat on the back. When Reichmuth stays healthy, he is for me the hottest winner for the Swiss in the train!”

Reichmuth has played this season, four wreath fixed, he triumphed on lake Zug, in the Canton of URI and at the Lucerne Cantonal. Only the mountain classic on the Stoos, a trained butcher, is currently the physiotherapists train had to leave, Joel became a priority.

The great duel fought with Orlik

Only one this season even more wreath victories as Reichmuth. The Canton of the Grisons, Armon Orlik (24) was last Sunday at the North-East Switzerland after the controversial Final round victory against Domenic Schneider already for the fifth Time, high life.

Now Reichmuth and Orlik meet on Sunday in the Oscillation of intra-Swiss to each other. Most recently the two giants have parted ways in January at the Zurich Berchtold-Schwinget with a Provided. Reichmuths model and precious Fan of Philipp Laimbacher will analyze the new edition of this duel as an expert in the Live broadcast of Tele-1.

Pirmin Reichmuth – Armon Orlik
Joel Wicki – Kilian von Weissenfluh
Sven Schurtenberger – Samir Leuppi
Christian Schuler René Suppiger
Benji von Ah – Roger Erb
Andi Imhof – Nick Alpiger
Mike trash stone – Pascal Piemontesi
Andreas Ulrich – Philipp Gloggner
Marcel Mathis – Benjamin Gapany
Erich Fankhauser, Alex Schuler
Reto Nötzli – Lutz Scheuber
Marcel Bieri – Martin Rolli
Matthias Herger – Joel Ambühl

Michael Bless – Domenic Schneider
Raphael Zwyssig – Tobias Krähenbühl
Marcel Kuster – Arnold Forrer
Beni Notz – Fabian Kindlimann