Nicolas Laloli is the youngest of the difficult facilities of the Confederation died. The eight-year-old from Gordola need to edit in the training of the Ticino transducer regularly to the considerably larger and weightier Enea Donnelly. “We currently have, in addition to the nine Active only five boys transducer, Nicolas is by far our youngest. Therefore, he must engage in Training, often with the 13-year-old Enea,” says Edi knight, in his capacity of President of the Swiss wrestling Association.

eight years Ago, the Basel-born knight has triggered the small oscillating movement in its Ticino home of choice. “When I carried out the first taster day in Tenero, I occurred to me, as if I had arrived with the vibrating pants, and a bag of sawdust in Africa or Scandinavia. The Ticino knew at the time of our national sports is as good as a Nigerian or a Finn …”

Much higher acceptance

In the case of the local authorities, the knight is pushed to Plan initially on a lack of understanding. “Because there was no oscillating cellar, I scattered the first the sawdust ring, in the vicinity of the lakeshore. But when we wanted to train a couple of weeks later, once again, was gone from the Ring. The local Garbage disposal had prized the sawdust as a useless waste, and therefore, removed and burned!”

in the Meantime knight has with his Ragazzi in the sonnenstube, a much higher level of acceptance. In the official Swiss Olympic training centre in Tenero, Ticino transducer next to a small vibrating basement have a fixed external training course. And at least knight young the transducer have in the Compare with the strong people in Switzerland already some success. “The 13-year-old Diego Poletti has this season with nine jacks-swing-part nine times took won the Zweigli. Twice he has qualified for the Final round,” says the proud “Presidente”.

A future swing king can not recognize a knight in his strongest young wavers anyway. “Diego is currently living out of his physical Superiority, he has strength like a bull. But technically he swings much too one-sided.” In his adult knight fighters the opposite Problem: “We have in the Active a few technically excellent vibrator, but unfortunately bring in these guys 30 pounds to the scales.” And because of the Ticino weights easy no wreath could win, the Associazione Ticinese di Lotta Svizzera the Swiss Federal in train at the Start.

“more Important than the wreaths of sustainability”

Dissatisfied with the knights, previously as President of the Doping Commission of the Swiss wrestling Association was, with the development of the Alpine sports on the border to Italy is still not: “Much more important than the wreaths to me, sustainability is. We have been here now two and a transducer, which passed the J+S-head of course. Thus, we now have so a couple of men that care even to the voice sport in Ticino, once I’m there.”

The next high point in the history of the “Lotta Svizzera” wants to help shape the 69-year-old “put on their drill trousers-missionary,” but still active. Because of the Ticino Association was recorded at the beginning of the year, officially from the intra-Swiss part of the Association, will be available in two years for the first time, a Wreath of fatigue in Ticino. “As of 2021, is to be held every three years, a Ticino Cantonal. It will be difficult for us, the usual temple, not Gifts to create, because the Ticino’t even know what a gifts of the temple.”

A high-profile price dispenser knight on safe: the ski legend and vibrating friend Bernhard Russi told me to tell you, “I’m going to donate my Canton neighbors from the Ticino, a live price”. Whether he is the bull, a beef, veal or rabbit donations, the eternal Olympic downhill gold medalist and world champion but open to …

23. to 25. August dominate giants, sawdust, and put on their drill trousers, Switzerland – the Swiss Federal wrestling and Alpine sport festival in train. Here you will find everything you need to know about the Mega-Event.