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– the Pandemic is coming like a tidal wave over us. It is like a wall of the infection. We will have a very high death toll in Sweden, especially in the Stockholm region, and we will see a tremendous climb in the next few weeks.

It says Björn Olsen. He is a professor in the infeksjonsmedisin at the University of Uppsala and the director. Olsen has done research on pandemics and is one of the nestorene on this subject in Sweden.

– I would not estimate how many I fear may die. It can die 5000 or 10,000. What happens now is that Sweden is heading towards a tragedy, ” he says.

In the course of the past day are 114 been registered as dead in Sweden of koronaviruset. Total is the number of dead at 591. In comparison, 89 died in Norway, which has around half of Sweden’s population.

Fears of millions of infected

Olsen believes the Swedish authorities used for a long time to understand the seriousness. When it became clear what was going to happen, they did too little. He believes that in the course of the next two years will be closer to eight million swedes become infected by koronaviruset.

– Now is too late to stop the development. Stockholm should have been closed down a month ago, when we had managed ourselves better, believes Björn Olsen.

the Professor dishes grueling criticism against the Swedish authorities, and particularly against the Folkhälsomyndigheten. In Sweden, it is the health authorities who essentially have decided what action should be inserted to stop the smittespredningen of koronaviruset. These measures have been far milder than in countries such as Norway, Denmark and Finland.

For example, the kindergartens and the elementary schools open. Restaurants, bars and other food and beverage outlets take still accept guests.

– It was chosen a line in the beginning that was wrong. It has brought us to where we are today, says Olsen.

Tuesday’s press conference in Stockholm. Folkhälsomyndigheten tells us that 114 swedes are registered died of koronaviruset in the course of the past day.

Photo: Sara Ringhagen / NRK Will not listen

Pandemieksperten further argues that the central persons within the Folkhälsomyndigheten not have been interested in hearing other views through koronakrisen. Despite the fact that the death toll has risen to a greater extent than in neighboring countries so do not have strategy been changed.

Olsen believes that it is them within the Folkhälsomyndigheten that has too much power. The strategy that was chosen in order to get control of the infection was improper from the start.

Then, it has been standing, believes Olsen.

Folkhälsomyndigheten also consists of people. Prestige is one of our deadly sins, ” he says.

Björn Olsen says that the Swedish authorities were called in January. Then, it was possible to understand that the pandemic would turn into over Europe.

We were asked not to scare people and not cause panic. So the situation was then so had it been correct with drastic measures. We had created a little horror as if it had been good, for when people become afraid then gets things done.

Statsepidemiolog Anders Tegnell at the Folkhälsomyndigheten during Tuesday’s press conference.

Photo: Eirik Veum / NRK – We have continual discussions

During Tuesday’s press conference asked representatives from Folkhälsomyndigheten up as usual. There are several critical questions to them now. The death toll in Sweden is rising and is much higher than in neighbouring countries.

Several Swedish media has also been that the Norwegian authorities claim they have koronasmitten under control.

Statsepidemiolog Anders Tegnell says that it is being discussed internally about the strategy that is selected.

– We have ongoing discussions every day about whether we should do something more or different. Who has done something wrong is difficult to say. Different countries have made different ways, ” says Tegnell.

That Sweden has registered the whole of 591 deaths, while Norway has 89, he says, can be explained as follows:

– Several people have been infected among younger persons than in Sweden. The second is that, for reasons we don’t know, much less the proliferation of nursing homes in Norway than in Sweden, ” he says.

On the question whether Sweden should have laid down the ban on visits to nursing homes earlier, responding Tegnell that it is not where the problem lies.

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