the Swedish economist and futurist Kjell nordström said that in the relatively near future, cities will give way to clusters of small settlements. According to him, a major Metropolitan area like London, new York and Moscow will look like unions of villages.

Futurist noted that already today it is possible to notice the appearance of the transformation of mega-cities that no longer look like a typical city. In them life is concentrated around certain centers of attraction, such as universities, who bring together likeminded people. Today, residents are directed in the opposite direction from the center of the metropolis side.

“They start to spread into separate regions, within which people live their lives,” said Nordstrom in an interview with RBC.

as examples of cities of the future, he cited Silicon valley in the USA and Rehovot in Israel. The second rather is a University village, surrounded by a large city, he said. The same towns will appear and in other cities, he said.

“Say, Shanghai will turn into a scattering of approximately 150 small towns,” said nordström.

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