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In an interview with Swedish Television was Löfven asked if the land has been prepared enough to handle a situation, as a worldwide epidemic – which has turned out large parts of the world.

In common with other european countries discontinued also Sweden their beredskapslagre in line with the military reducing when the cold war between the West and the Soviet union came to an end.

Avreguleringen of apoteksektoren has also affected the emergency levels of medicines and other pharmacy goods.

This has led to that the country is now struggling with access to enough smittevernutstyr and other necessary equipment needed in the meeting with koronapandemien.

Believe all the parts on responsibility

emergency Preparedness and response has not been adequate. It is obvious to all, from many different aspects, answered the prime minister.

Even though reducing has been a willed policy and implemented by the various governments, is it Löfven and Socialdemokraterna who now gets the criticism in the lap. The party has also had the governmental power in half of the years it is to talk about.

– All parties have a responsibility, for this was something that was discontinued gradually after the cold war, so it is three decades we’re talking about. There are many regjeringskonstellasjoner in the course of this time which has contributed to the fact that we are where we are now, says Löfven.

Even has Löfven ruled the country since 2014, but beyond, to allocate more money to defense, it is not made major changes when it comes to emergency preparedness.

We saw when we started that there were no plans. It was the reason we were created and adopted the national security strategy in 2017, where we mapped the areas that had to be imagined. Now we must develop it so that we can increase preparedness, ” says Löfven.

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Everything from water and power supply to computer security, transport and healthcare should be seen.

All parties in the Swedish Parliament shall participate in the work, according to the prime minister.

– I am glad that it is now a shared recognition that we must strengthen both the civil defence and total defence. We’ll draw on the lessons learned from this crisis, about what we can learn, ” he says to SVT.

The Swedish military has loaned out ambulances, which will be used to transport intensivpasienter infected with the korona virus between hospitals if it is needed by the living. Here from Helsingborg 9. april.

Photo: Tt News Agency / Reuters Solberg will not comment on Sweden

The Norwegian prime minister does not want to sit in judgement over what is done in Sweden, but believes both countries have something to learn.

– I will not be a commentator for the Swedish beredskapssituasjonen, but we think everyone will find læringspunkter in their own emergency preparedness after this, also in Norway, says Erna Solberg to NRK.

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She tells us that a granskningskommisjon to look at what could have been done better here at home.

– We should all be humble that this is a situation none of us were quite prepared. Even though we knew pandemics was an opportunity, as they had perhaps not foreseen this rapid development, ” says Solberg.

When it comes to the Norwegian emergency preparedness, says prime minister “that we were prepared in some areas, while other areas were not as well prepared”, for example, leveranseprosesser of infectious disease and the like.

– We have managed to keep up deliveries quite well, but it was vulnerable. It is an area we could be better prepared, and that we will learn from for future situations.

Military personnel put at the end of march up a large field hospital in the convention center stockholm international fairs, in the case of ordinary hospital run out of available beds. But the number of available field hospital is greatly reduced compared with a few decades back.

Photo: Tt News Agency / Reuters Will not respond to criticism about the older

Sweden has gone for a different strategy than many other countries and chosen to keep the community open during the koronakrisen.

It means that the borders are open, as are shops, restaurants and service industries, even though the advice to keep a good distance, exposing the travels and visits and good hygienrutiner also apply there.

the Country now has a higher infection rates and more dead than their nordic neighbours. A total of 870 people died as a result of the covid-19, very many of them are older people.

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the Leader of Kristdemokraterna Ebba Busch believes Löfvens government has failed the elderly with the strategy that is selected. 40 percent of all registered koronadødsfall in the Swedish capital has been in a nursing home.

I get sad when I hear it. This is the thought that I mean social democracy has failed and parts of Sweden, that social democracy has forgotten in their quest for power, ” said Busch to the Swedish newspaper the daily News.

One of the Löfvens ministers call this measure distasteful and shows that Kristdemokraterna together with Moderates, Liberalerna, Centerpartiet and the Greens who control the capital, and that it is one of Busch’s own partifeller responsible for eldreomsorgen .

Löfven himself says he does not intend to discuss this now.

I’m not going to go into a polemic about this. I have focus on to lessen the smittespredningen, make sure that the health care resources they need, that we manage to mitigate the impacts for employees and businesses.

– It will be time enough afterwards to discuss the other also, ” says the Swedish prime minister.

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