It is too early to assess Sweden’s approach to coronavirusset, says the man behind the Swedish line.

It has aroused wonder in both Denmark and Norway, that Sweden has chosen a somewhat different strategy than in the neighbouring countries in the fight against coronavirusset.

But according to the Swedish statsepidemiolog Anders Tegnell so it is still too early to say anything about what actions are the right ones.

– We need a much longer time and more data to be able to say anything, he said Friday in an interview with the Swedish news agency TT.

Anders Tegnell is associated with Folkhälsomyndigheten, there is the Swedish equivalent of the Danish national board of Health in Denmark. He is responsible for the Swedish line in the fight against coronavirusset.

It has so far marked to be somewhat less restrictive than in for example Denmark and Norway. There is, among others, is still open for schools and restaurants, and you must gather up to 500 people.

The decision gets criticism from the Norwegian professor and former senior physician Bjørg Marit Andersen, specialising in smitteværn.

– We have in the North a historical ability to use isolation and quarantine to protect us against infection. It is really strange that the swedes now goes against it, she says to the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet.

But the criticism takes Anders Tegnell with ro.

– The here smitteværnslæge in Norway has probably not much more data than any other has. Most who are serious about it here, would say that it is too early to begin to judge anything he says.

In Denmark, the government has prohibited that more than ten people gather at public events. At the same time, it is recommended that you comply with the prohibition of private.

in Addition, a variety of shops, stores and centers have been closed. The same is restaurants and cafes, which however allowed to be open for takeaway.

In Sweden believe Anders Tegnell, however, that you have chosen the right strategy.

– We are convinced that this is the right way, he says in the television program Currently on the state television station SVT.

At a news conference on Thursday informed Folkhälsomyndigheten, 66 coronasmittede people have lost their lives in Sweden.

Swedish authorities Friday at 14 again a joint news conference.