the death toll on Tuesday reached 1000 in connection with the coronaudbrud with 114 new deaths the past day.

In Sweden are registered with the 114 deaths among coronapatienter the past day.

It appears by a statement from the Swedish national board of health.

This is a significant increase compared to the previous two days, which were recorded respectively 12 and 20 deaths.

however, It is difficult to compare the numbers, since there often is a gap in connection with the records in the weekends and on public holidays.

With Tuesday’s update is the total death toll in connection with the coronaudbruddet up on the 1033 in Sweden.

In total 11.445 tested positive for the coronavirus in Sweden. The 915 has been or is currently being treated in an intensive care unit.

Sweden has chosen a different strategy against coronakrisen compared with most other countries. Sweden has among other things chosen to keep the schools, restaurants and shops open during the crisis.

The strategy has been met with great criticism. In an op-ed in the newspaper Dagens Nyheter refers to 22 researchers on Tuesday, the Swedish strategy as “failed” and requires actions from the government.

According to the researchers the Swedish population fobbed off with questionable information from the Swedish national board of health.

It rejects the head of the Swedish national board of health Anders Tegnell at a news conference Tuesday.

– I will deny, that we do not have any detailed strategy, and that the death toll is wrong, ” says Anders Tegnell the Swedish news agency TT.

He acknowledges at the same time, Sweden has experienced a “distressed” development in many nursing homes, where the virus has hit the elderly hard.