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Sweden has far more sick and dead of the koronaviruset than the other nordic countries. Åsbrink says to NRK that the Swedish strategy is based on trust.

– The most ancient in Sweden are affected hard by this virus. Shall we still call it confidence and say that the government knows what it is doing? I want to stick a needle into the Swedish “tillitsboblen” and ask: Have we the right to take it so calm?

Sweden has chosen a different strategy than the other nordic countries under the koronakrisen.

the Sick and people in high risk are advised to stay at home, while the authorities have generally added up to civil society to function as normally as possible.

People have walked close together in Stockholm under the koronakrisen. The picture is from 4. april.

Photo: Henrik Montgomery / AP Not debate

Åsbrink call Sweden “fredsskadet” and tells us that she has borrowed the term from Georg Klein, a ungarskfødt kreftforsker and author.

He was a jew and survived the Holocaust as my father did. Klein once said that the swedes thought so well about the people that they were not expecting that something evil would happen. He called the swedes “fredsskadet”.

Åsbrink is amazed that there is no debate in Sweden about the fact that they go their own way to deal with koronaviruset.

– All around the world ask about what Sweden are doing, but why do not we in Sweden the question?

In an article in Today’s News writing Åsbrink that she can’t free herself from the idea that trust is a word that is used to beautify the passive, contempt for the old and included piers.

the Man who first and foremost has been the Swedish helsemyndighetenes face outwards, statsepidemiolog Anders Tegnell, from Folkhälsomyndigheten

Photo: Janerik Henriksson/TT / Janerik Henriksson/TT

You can hear an interview with Elisabeth Åsbrink in this edition of Urix on Saturday.

You need javascript to play the sound clip “Urix on Saturday”.

Disasters in other nordic countries,

Åsbrink reminds us that the other nordic countries have national disasters still fresh in the memory. The nazi occupation is very vivid knowledge in both Denmark and Norway. Finland had very difficult years during the 2. world war, when they experienced more wars.

Memories sitting there. People remember. They have burial sites that they visit. They have relatives who died. In Sweden, we much of Europe’s destiny under 2. world war ii, ” she says.

Åsbrink believe this has influenced the preparedness of the Swedish people towards disasters. Very many trust that the authorities, the experts and the politicians know what they are doing.

– Can we really be so confident and trusting, we can be sure that it can’t happen disasters in Sweden?

prime ministers at the same table, but without the same strategy against the koronaviruset. The image of Stefan Löfven and Erna Solberg was taken during Nordic statsministermøte Reykjavik in the year.

Photo: Naina Helén Jåma/TT Based on trust

But Åsbrink emphasizes that she is very positive to the strong tradition that the swedes sit down and agree on how things should be done. Then acting in accordance with what is decided in the community.

– It is a nice tradition. It leads to stability. It is based on consensus. It lays the foundation for democracy. But it also says something about that the swedes are accustomed to conformity, ” says Åsbrink.

Any debate, it has been in Sweden for Åsbrinks overtures. Political scientist Leif Lewin has written a defense of the handling of the virus in Svenska Dagbladet.

Where reviews he is what he calls “the Swedish softer koronastrategi” as consistent with the theory of the social capital in the Swedish society.

We trust that the people are enlightened and sensible. To even take the responsibility as widely as possible, creates a greater loyalty than prohibition, which invites you to violations and circumventions. The confidence of the rulers and the authorities is great. Our historical experiences strengthens this belief, writes Lewin.

But he adds that one still cannot rule out the possibility that the swedes may underestimate the risk of affected by disasters.

Sweden’s prime minister Stefan Löfven admitted recently that Sweden could have been better prepared for the koronapandemien.

Elisabeth Åsbrink says that she is afraid that the way Sweden handles koronakrisen on can lead to disaster.

– We have the infection inside of a large number of institutions for the elderly. And it happens just now in a situation where the strategy is that we should protect the elderly. So I’m very uneasy – and it is an anxiety I share with many.

Elisabeth Åsbrink is a journalist and author. She revealed in one of his books nazifortiden to the IKEA-founder Ingvar Kamprad. It was featured in this NRK article.

She was also interviewed about the revelations in the newspaper Our Country in august 2012.

In this NRK programme from september 2016 tells Åsbrink about his book “1947”.

Åsbrink uses his jewish background and his father’s history to describe the year 1947 when the world was in great change. You need javascript to see the video.

Åsbrink uses his jewish background and his father’s history to describe the year 1947 when the world was in great change.

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