However, although wet stains under the armpits are anything other than attractive, Sweat for health is incredibly important. Why? We will clarify.

skin care and cleaning

When sweat is excreted lipids via the sweat glands and are therefore regularly on the skin is distributed almost like a body your own body lotion. In addition, the blood circulation is stimulated, which makes for a fresh, rosy complexion. Also dead skin cells, impurities and free radicals are not flushed the sweat out of the skin – one of the reasons why Sweat always smells very appetizing.

you stink, bother and look scruffy: sweat stains. With simple home remedies you get rid of the unwanted stains in no time.

heat control

In the case of physical exertion is produced by the combustion of energy in the body heat. Too much heat is damaging to the human organism – more precisely, the cells. Therefore, the heat must be dissipated through the skin to the outside. Thus, sweating is not just healthy but even essential to life.

performance improvement

people who exercises regularly, sweat often more than non-athletes, as your body is experienced to excess heat specifically to deliver. By the effective, the body’s own cooling, thus increase the efficiency. However, be careful not to drive in the blazing midday heat Sport: This is to much of a Good thing and hurts more than it helps. Better is to increase the intensity of the workout slowly.

The air humidity can, depending on the Region, currently about 70 percent. The race still goes – but with caution.

Even in the case of low physical load you can jokes up to a Liter of liquid per day, exclusive. Through regular physical activity this policy, however, increases significantly. Therefore, you should make sure that the fluid balance in your body. Since you excrete when you sweat, however, not only water but also important nutrients such as salt, potassium and Magnesium, are juice spritzers, mineral water, isotonic drinks and even alcohol-free wheat beer driving the perfect thirst quencher after a sweat-session. (cm)

you rarely Drink sugar-containing soft drinks such as Cola, Energy Drinks or soda. You extinguisher is not suitable as a thirst, and strengthen the feeling of thirst even more. In addition, they supply “empty” (useless) calories.
you Drink the same after getting a glass of water and to each main meal 3 dl.
you always Have a bottle of water, which reminds you to Drink water.
milk, fruit and vegetables are not counted juices to the drinks, as they provide a lot of energy and different nutrients.
you Drink the room warm. To hot and iced drinks can be delayed absorbed into the blood. Furthermore, the large temperature difference in increased sweat production can lead.
you can make it so easily to cover the fluid requirement, there are water rich foods that may help the balance a little Supplement. However, it must be taken into account in relation to a weight reduction in their calorie content. It is cucumbers, tomatoes, melons, oranges or strawberries, are, for example.
During the sport it is best to take non-carbonated water, very dilute fruit juice (ratio 1:5), or a cool vegetable bouillon to be. The latter replaces the electrolytes sodium and potassium, which are lost through sweating. You drink before the workout, a glass of water, during exercise every 15 minutes 2 dl and 5 dl to (Re-)Hydration.

He sucks, he stinks, and for some people it is even to wet hell. Excessive sweat production is affecting the everyday life and mental health. The good news is that The medicine can help.


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