if the smart watch from Apple or Samsung, you can’t use them to Pay for it. Because the Sensors no longer detect that you are wearing them on the wrist. It is only when one enters a Code, the payment function available.

This is a security feature Swatch Pay is missing. The Swiss solution works like a normal credit card, digital payment function, – all-, but also disadvantages. Who has a card, or Swatch in Hand, you can shop for up to 40 francs without Code. Only at higher amounts, you will need to type at the Terminal to its PIN.

But the Swatch has a big advantage: You can lock the watch through the companion App of the Swatch Pay with one click. So the clock should go lost, or you misplaced it, you can turn off the payment function quickly and easily, and later just as easily re-enable it. In the case of credit cards you have to apply normally via the phone blocked.

Swatch Pay works with any Mastercard

otherwise, the Swatch is dedicated to simplicity. Anyone who buys in the Store and a compatible at for 85 Swiss francs, it can activate right there. This works with every Mastercard, regardless of the provider. After five minutes of clock, the App and card are linked to a virtual card is created just for the Swatch.

Then the Swiss watch is ready to use. Easy to a payment terminal, and in the case of less than 40 francs, you do not need to enter a Code. It’s so fast and easy as usual with any other method. The credit card must be the man snatched the wallet. In the case of the watches by Samsung and Apple, it takes a click before the payment function is available.

by the Way: Upload you do not need to Pay Swatch. She has a normal watch battery, as is the case with the rest of the timepieces by the Swiss brand holds around two years.

Swatch Pay has surprised the Test is positive. The Payment clock is easy to use, uncomplicated and only five francs more expensive than a normal Swatch. So far, there are four different Designs, all in the well-known plastic-Look. We would, of course, would be for Swatch to expand the collection includes versions with a leather strap or metal bracelet.