in the year 2017 revenue measured Richemont occupied, unchanged from the third rank. The Geneva grew in that year by 3.1 percent to 12.8 billion US dollars, says the auditor, Deloitte, in its annual report “Global Powers of Luxury Goods”.

Immediately behind Richemont, the French Kering group, which has made brands like Gucci, Bottega Veneta and Saint Laurent, with a turnover of 12.2 billion dollars.

The Swatch Group increased its 2017 sales by 5.4 per cent to 7.8 billion Dollar, slipped a place to eighth place. Displaced Swatch of Chanel have been growing, with a plus of 11.5 percent, significantly faster than the Biel.

The top spot LVMH occupied unchallenged with a volume of 28.0 billion dollars, followed by Estée Lauder with 13.7 billion.

it is striking that both LVMH (+17%) and Estée Lauder (+16%) and Kering (+28%) are grown in the year 2017, clearly faster than Richemont and Swatch. They benefited from booming sales of expensive fashion, or in perfumery. As the “watch-heavy” Swiss groups could not keep up.

The exports of the Swiss watch industry had recovered in 2017 after two years of declining sales from a considerably lower base of 2.7 percent. Especially in 2016, the exports of Swiss watches slumped by nearly 10 percent. In particular, demand from China and Hong Kong broke.

More in the Top 100 Rolex 14th, Patek Philippe (45), Audemars Piguet (51), Chopard (53), Breitling (74), Franck Muller (84) and Richard Mille (90) are represented, from the Swiss point of view. Thanks to the recovery in demand for Swiss watches all brands were able to increase sales.

Overall, the 100 largest luxury goods company achieved in the year 2017, according to Deloitte, the combined revenue of 247 billion dollars. This results in a growth of almost 11 percent. The year before, the industry had grown by only 1 percent.

Nearly half of the biggest luxury companies recorded double-digit growth. “The global luxury market is growing despite a certain degree of geopolitical and economic uncertainty considerably,” Karine Szegedi, luxury expert at Deloitte, quoted in the message. In particular, in the case of the emerging middle class in large emerging markets, luxury goods have enjoyed a great demand. (SDA)