the working meeting was held on the eve of Day of the railwayman. “I want to take this opportunity to congratulate you, the staff of “Russian Railways” with this holiday and wish health, good luck, and to those families especially who are waiting for railway workers, if they are in the way. Wish branch that you lead, all the best”, – said the Prime Minister.

the Company attributed the whole of Russia from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad, it employs about 700 thousand people. During a pandemic, the industry has experienced quite difficult times, even had to reduce investment. “But we have met, and perpetual bonds, which “Russian Railways” was released, helped to maintain a high level investment program, which was scheduled,” reminded Mikhail Mishustin.

April and may were very heavy, declared Oleg Belozerov. Ridership decreased on average by 70 percent. The head of the company thanked the government for this timely provided support. “At the moment we recovered the suburbs to 65 percent, by far the following – about 50 percent – said the head of “Russian Railways”. Literally every day there is a serious increase. Returned more than 180 trains – “Peregrine”, “Strizhi”, “Swallows”. Employment is rising and rolling stock”. Made the Prime Minister’s instructions to launch direct route “Swallows” between Moscow and Kostroma. Gradually recovering passenger traffic in different regions of the country.

Considerable attention is paid railroad security, especially in the period of the coronavirus. “We are the first in the world for security. Our global safety index is higher by 22 percent than all other Railways in the world,” – said Belozerov. Now the rules of work included the disinfection of door handles and other items used new cars with the possibility of disinfection of air, with contactless technology of water flow, soap.

Recover freight. They dipped 5.2 percent instead of the expected 15. “The economy is quickly restored. In some areas, as I said, is primarily a container the direction in General, growth of 15 percent, and transit direction – more than 20% growth”, – said the Prime Minister.

the Railway to support the economy of the discounts – according to Belozerova, was made more than 70 solutions for the reduction of tariffs. “Along with the entire economy go through a difficult period, – concluded the head of the company. – Relying on energy efficiency and environmental safety.”

At the end of the report in the state Duma Mikhail Mishustin has approved a number of instructions to ministries and departments.

Until August 28, the Ministry of education, MOE and the CPS together with the regions must provide information on the readiness of the educational organization��forming the beginning of the next academic year taking into account the health situation.

the Ministry of education in cooperation with other agencies must also prepare uniform requirements for remuneration of pedagogical workers taking into account the formation of the basic wage on the basis of the established working hours and targets set out in presidential decrees. The deadline is November 1, 2020.

Until August 24, the Ministry of agriculture, the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of economic development additionally, we are considering the question of financing of the project of the new state program of effective turnover of agricultural land and development of land reclamation.

The Ministry and economic development Ministry has until the end of August to review the effectiveness of development institutions operating in the territories of the far East and North Caucasus Federal districts, in the Arctic zone and the special economic zones, and provide suggestions for optimizing their activities.

in addition, until September 1, the Ministry of environment and tourism will prepare further proposals for the development of environmental tourism taking into account the geographical situation of national parks in the country.