In the Bavarian Swabia have rotation working in a Bank branch to a large-scale operation of the police. A passer-by had seen in the switch room of the Bank in Illertissen (in the district of Neu-Ulm) a hooded man with a gun, that’s why the Robbery suspects and the emergency call is selected. “The immediate start-up ends police patrol surrounded the building and blocked the main road for the passage of traffic”, police said on Monday.

The alleged Gangster turned out to be after a quarter of an hour, but as an actor. A Bank employee was shot with the trainee at his workplace, an educational film, as you should during a Robbery behavior. “A masked gun was blazed in the hall, and he “endangered” the employees at their counter. Exactly, this scene has observed a passer-by on the Sidewalk through the closed glass doors, and the woman did exactly the Right thing, what does the police always: they immediately set about the number 110 emergency calls“, the police explained to the Augusburger General.

The staff had hung a sign, the witness had not seen this. Since the police was not informed by the Bank, it came late on Friday afternoon.