Nilsson has been observed on the skiskytterstadion in Östersund the last few days.

I’ll just try a little bit, was the comment her to SVT, which first reported karrierebyttet to the swede.

But Nilssons plan was to leave a successful langrennskarriere and go over to the biathlon, which she finally confirmed Sunday afternoon on Instagram.

the Idea was to continue with cross-country skiing, an OLYMPIC games and then switch after the season 2022, but because of my injury I have had time to think and to prøveskyte – and I feel that I really do not want to wait for a long time. It is for the fun of it, ” she says.

– I’ve always known that I’m going to bet on biathlon. It looks so “himla” cool out, ” she says in a press release.

SURPRISED: Kristine Stavås Skistad.

Photo: Caroline Bækkelund Hauge / the Norwegian broadcasting corporation Udnes Weng thought it was a joke

Oi, is it true? It was a shame, she has been one of the major for many years. I had been looking forward to go against her for the winter that is coming, ” says Kristine Stavås Skistad to NRK.

Sprintlandslagets Lotta Udnes Weng reacted with disbelief when she got the news.

I thought at first it was a joke. I had to check the calendar if it was 1. april and April fool’s day joke. It is a pity for langrennssporten, but it will be exciting to see if she can manage the transition to biathlon. I shall cheer, ” says Weng.

Maiken Caspersen Falla believes the competitor has taken a tough choice.

– But it is also kinda cool, for she makes the spm is right for her.

I wish Stina good luck.

– had I not believed

the Surprise of the Nilssons decision is great also on the Swedish side of the border.

Stina is skiskytter! I had not believed, ” comments Charlotte Called.

I wish Stina best of luck with his new challenge with the gun on his back. It is really exciting to follow her in the competitions in the winter.

Charlotte Called want Nilsson the luck that skiskytter.

Photo: Ned Alley / NTB scanpix

Tiril Eckhoff want the swede warmly welcome “on the team”.

– It is really raw. It is very funny that she switch to biathlon, and cool that she also has a sense for the sport. Biathlon is the very exciting and challenging, ” says Eckhoff, to NRK.

She is excited about Nilsson has a skytetalent.

– Denise (Herrmann, jour.anm.) have used a number of years to be good, so I guess Stina uses a few years also. But time will show, ” says Eckhoff.

According to Expressen has Nilsson founded on, to switch sports for a long time, and she should also have informed their sponsors about their decision.

Raw, ” says Tiril Eckhoff of Stina Nilssons karriereskifte.

Photo: LEHTIKUVA / Reuters Surprised Aukland

the Radio langrennsekspert Fredrik Aukland is like with athletes surprised by the decision.

Stina Nilsson is one of Sweden’s largest langrennsstjerner and has among other things won the OLYMPIC gold medal in the sprint in Pyeongchang in 2018. In addition, she took two world CHAMPIONSHIP gold medals in Seefeld last winter, both in the relay and sprintstafett.

In all, she stands with seven medals in the world cup context.

Nilsson is one of the best sprinters in the langrennssporten and was one of those who could take OLYMPIC gold in the sprint and teamsprint. And she could have been anchorwoman on the Swedish stafettlandslaget, ” he says.

– Sweden has a strong national women’s cross country, even without Stina Nilsson, but it is a loss for langrennssporten that Nilsson bet the biathlon, commenting on Aukland.

The expert Torgeir Bjørn is just as surprised as Aukland.

– There is a surprising novelty, but it will be positive for the international biathlon.

Swedish damelangrenn have so many others. If this is true it will strengthen the Swedish biathlon more than weaken the Swedish cross-country skiing.

VIDEO: See Nilsson to train with the gun at the location.

Stina Nilsson is skiskytter You need javascript to see the video. Struggled with damage to the

She follows in the footsteps of Magdalena Forsberg who was landslagsløper in cross-country before she switched to the pasture and was one of the best skiskyttere.

It is very cool that she has switched to biathlon. It I support, ” says Sebastian Samuelsson to NRK.

– she Has a chance to get in on the team already next season?

– It is very difficult to answer. We know her very good løpskapasitet. She is very good. But it depends on how good she is to shoot. It is cool that she will try, and that she will take this journey. If she put down the energy to become a better shooter, so she can manage it.

– Should Marte and Tiril fear Sweden more?

– Yes, what should they do, the Swedish team just gets stronger and stronger, ” says the Swedish skiskytteren.

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