asylum seekers will be on-site, as close as possible to the crisis area care. The calls for the new popular initiative “on-site assistance in the area of asylum”. This so-called help centres to be set up, in which Switzerland, in cooperation with other countries to participate.

The asylum seekers want to search can choose neither their whereabouts nor their destination country. “You get protection in your assigned country”, as stated in the initiative’s text.

The Initiative of the SVP-politicians Luzi Stamm (AG-67), Lukas Reimann (SG 36), Andrea Geissbühler (BE, 43), Barbara Keller-Inhelder (SG 51) and Therese Schläpfer (ZH, 60) is launched. To secure a short time before the elections mainly in the hope of additional votes. Especially Luzi Stamm, who is on a private list, you must tremble. The Aargauer made in the spring because of a coke affair in the headlines.

funds abroad to use

the initiators of The project want can that money be used for the institution of Asylum, in principle, abroad – this will, with the Argument that “a lot more people than in Switzerland to be helped”.

asylum-seekers in third countries creates, to remain in Switzerland to “government-controlled locations”, until your asylum procedure is completed. Until you are able to pay for themselves, they are only supported with in-kind benefits. (SDA/brb)