we have now entered The election year. The parties tinkering feverishly to put a catchy Slogan to help boost. The SVP opted for a particularly easy-to-remember formula. “I want to choose p I’s,” writes the largest party on the flags.

we know! The Bavarian Greens were, under the Motto “You want it? Then choose” in the last autumn of a political earthquake lost, in the Parliament’s second largest group in the catch and the social Democrats as the main force of the Opposition is repressed.

Slogan for a couple of bottles of wine

This historical success has remained the Swiss sister party, not hidden: The Lucerne Green took the slogan from Munich for the cantonal elections, on 31. March to take place. Section President Maurus Frey (36) explains that the colleagues from Bavaria have left the Central Swiss the Slogan “for a couple of bottles of wine”. “All were impressed with her campaign,” he continues.

Clear the Germans would now copy. “Apparently, also of the SVP,” says Frey. The right of a party to a PR Agency should have paid a lot of money, give he the of the company, says Frey sarcastically. “For the Swiss Green but the Motto for the national elections in the fall not out of the question now, of course.”

No explanation

Since the SVP was faster. As but their chief days explains the striking Similarity to the Slogans of the Green? Not at all. Campaign Manager and Nationalrat Adrian Amstutz (65,) writes on request only: “The motivating reminder to choose is obvious.” What this means, couldn’t Sunday look up to editors to determine the conclusion.

Perhaps the SVP should change their Motto a little. “You like it? Take it!” would be at least as suitable.