if you Want to see a SVPler in Rage, so a single keyword: hardship clause is sufficient. Since the voting public in 2010, the Ausschaffungs Initiative has adopted, that is, a continuous spat on their implementation. A thorn in the eye of the SVP is the hardship clause. It says that in exceptional cases, from the automatic Deportation of criminal foreigners may be dispensed with, if a land reference would mean a severe hardship for the affected Person.

The SVP is campaigning against the emergency brake, which has a built-in Parliament, in the law. From their point of view, this is used by law enforcement and the courts, much to generous.

Several cantons want to actively

Now the Right to try, from the bottom to build up pressure. In the Canton of Zurich, the SVP has submitted this week a request for a stand initiative, which calls for the abolition of the clause. The state initiative is to propose a means for the cantons, the Parliament has a constitutional or legislative amendment.

And the Zurich SVP does not remain alone. Basel-city according to drew and filed in the Basel cantonal Parliament yesterday, a motion. SVP-representatives from a number of other cantons would welcome this approach and examined state initiatives, says Martin, Pretty (50), President of the Zurich-based SVP group. Including the cantons, in which the concern is due to bourgeois majorities is not entirely hopeless.

So, for example, in the Aargau. “We consider, also in the Canton of Aargau, an application for a state initiative to submit”, says SVP-Grossrätin Martina Bircher (35). “Because it is the cantons and municipalities, the need to pay for are what Bern, with the hardship clause.” Finally, it would be for the cost of social assistance and the prison system.

hardship cases should be an exception

ammunition for their fight for stricter implementation of the deportation act provides the SVP representatives of the statistics. 2018, the court pronounced maximum in 71 percent of cases, in which according to the law, a land reference is provided, too. A more accurate number can not provide the Federal government – among other things because the statistics are collected accurately, why someone in the country must leave. Instead of a hardship, for example, the free movement of persons agreement with the EU can be a reason.

In the parliamentary procedural requests are pending, the demand that the Federal government leads the statistics in the future in more detail. And that he would take measures so that cases of hardness is really the exception. They come not only from the SVP, but also of representatives of the FDP and CVP.

Even Left urgent action is necessary. The Zürcher SP-councillor and lawyer Daniel Jositsch (54) threw the dishes in the NZZ, with the current practice of the law or not. You should not change this rapidly, it is from his point of view, the danger is that the Extreme demand of the SVP after the abolition of the hardness of case-by clause.

the Federal Council wants to wait and see

The Federal Council asks the meantime to be patient. It is still too early to of the Numbers not to derive, that the law intervenes. Because the new provisions of the law are only since 2016 in force and relate only to crimes committed after that date. This means that to find the statistics in many cases are not even assessed under the new, stricter law.

But the SVP does not want to wait. You should not come by cantonal pressure to the target, it threatens the Zurich SVP-group chief Handsome – to Ausschaffungs and enforcement initiative – now with a third popular initiative on the subject. “The Parking initiative would be the easiest means to achieve that the deportation initiative is finally implemented correctly. Otherwise, we will run a voting campaign,” he announces.