The SVP pulls with Nazi-symbolism in the election campaign. A Swiss Apple, of maggots-eaten: The image emblazoned on the SVP posters, evoking the imagery of the Nazis portrayed Jews as parasites.

even many of the Party’s exponents clearly too far. Several SVP politicians have the power to publicly oppose the choice of Motif of your party. And also at the base of the vermin is not a poster at all well. This is a look at the readers ‘ comments received on the issue in VIEW shows.

“I have nothing to be ashamed of this party,”

As have reported a remarkable number of readers, the self-SVP choose or chose – and the new Subject with sharp words condemning. “This poster is simply a mess,” writes, for example, Ueli K. “that’s how you win not a single nice voters, but scare former SVP-voters like me.” Urs K. says, earlier he was able to identify with the SVP. “Today, I should be ashamed of myself for this party.” To choose not to come for him in question.

Repellent, unappetizing, under the belt line, an absolute No-Go: no less damning is the criticism of other SVP sympathisers. Reader Fridolin G. predicted the Civil a painful defeat at the polls, set to symbolism like this. Because he calls the SVP in reminder: “You have to convince the fanatics to their own regulars, but with tact and decency to the undecided voters.”

Positive votes in the minimum number of

in Addition to these critical voices are those of SVP supporters, and pendants, find the poster, clearly in the minority. The theme was “concise, to the point,” says reader, Fritz M., for example. And Monika S. is concerned that the reactions on the poster would show that it was a managed move.

That attention alone – far away from the boundaries of good taste – the SVP preserved from the fear of electoral defeat in October, but may be at least doubted. (lha)