Just gave the National Council and Council of States the green light: the Sick should in the future dig deeper into their own pockets. The health insurance deductibles should automatically be the cost of development and, therefore, are on the rise. The Minimum deductible of 300 Swiss francs would increase every couple of years in the 50-franc increments.

The SP has already announced the Referendum. Now, however, is likely to suffer, the business in the Parliament. The SVP wants to reject the bill in the final vote, (EYES reported). Also in the CVP corresponding discussions. The SP and the Greens, fight the template anyway.

Thus, it appears that the template is likely to fail on Friday in the final vote. “The franchise increase is for the time being, off the table,” says SVP-group chief Thomas Aeschi (40) to a VIEW.

SP chief Christian Levrat (48) is now demanding the rest of the Bourgeois, “quit the Exercise”. Because: “you don’t have a Plan in the health policy.”

Plan B, the Civil

But could be wrong Levrat. The Plan of the Bourgeois is obviously: Is sunk the franchise template on Friday, the left-Referendum obsolete. Thus, the SVP, the SP is robbing in the middle of the election year a campaign hit.

Because of the franchise increase to many voting citizens poorly. Even before the Referendum could even start, promised several Thousand people, to collect a total of at least 50’000 signatures.

Insured later

ask The Bourgeois to create in an election year, an unpleasant debate from the neck. And, you run also warm for your deductibles-Trickli: Instead of writing the franchises-automatism now separately in the law and in front of people – so the crash would be programmed, it should be later integrated into a total package.

the occasion is the planned package of measures for cost-containment of SP-health Minister Alain Berset (46), which is likely to come in the second half of the year to the Parliament. The SVP wants to start to ask the Insured to the Fund.

“We must solve the cost problem in a total package,” stresses Aeschi. The pharmaceutical industry, health insurance companies, Doctors, hospitals and the cantons should make their contribution – but also the premium payer.

Whether or not the franchises-automatism is in this package, back to the topic, “not necessarily,” says Aeschi. He refers, therefore, more opportunities to participate in the premium payer more to the cost. “Is a discussion about a contingency fee for unnecessary hospital visits,” Aeschi.

SP in the referendum-Dilemma

With the package solution would be the overthrow of the SVP, the SP to the referendum Dilemma. “The cost-containment package includes extremely important measures, such as, for example, better cost control, on-going Review of rates and lower drug prices,” says SP-health politician, Barbara Gysi (54, SG).

The SP would thus be in a quandary: With a Referendum, it would exclude not only the proscribed franchise increase, but also her agreeable measures, anyway.

SP-Gysi: “people of mockery”

Gysi warned the Civic in front of it to grab a franchise increases in the template. “So you would endanger the important cost-containment measures.”

such franchises-Trickli you would also be unfair to the population. Gysi: “to sink The franchise increase now and to bring this, shortly after the elections on the Agenda, would be people’s mockery and a political mess.”