On the 25. September, it is for a Federal Prosecutor Michael Lauber (53) for career-a Showdown: Then the choice is his again. Two weeks before he can hope.

According to the FDP, the SVP wants to – and thus is the largest group in the Federal house select Lauber again. At least the majority. The party announced on Tuesday evening.

u-turn at the SVP

The SVP had previously belonged to Michael Lauber self, Hanspeter Uster (61), the President of the Supervisory authority of the office of the attorney General, and his predecessor Niklaus Oberholzer (66).

And then the Flag is changed. Before the Session the group had decided by a majority to give Lauber way at all. Decisive for the change was that the SVP does not want to endanger the continuity in law enforcement.

This does not seem to be the only reason. In the fight of the German Federal Prosecutor against its Supervisory authority, the SVP fails to Lauber: The SVP wants to abolish the supervision, obviously, and will submit a corresponding proposal of the supervision of the administrative area of the Department of justice and the technical area should be the responsibility of the Federal court.

FDP for Lauber

last week, had decided to the FDP, to give the Supreme criminal Prosecutor of the country again, confidence. And clearly, as speaker Martin Stucki confirmed to VIEW. “The voice ratio was 10 to 1,” says Stucki.

The goal of Lauber, however, is not yet. Because he must win the majority of 246 votes and the FDP, and a majority of the SVP is not in there. The CVP dispensed with the choice recommendation, and is left to the decision of the individual group members. Also, the Green time can not be a unified Position by rings “We make no official group recommendation”, tweeted party leader, Balthasar Glättli (47).

Next week, so a day in front of Lauber’s choice, will Express also SP, GLP and BDP to the Federal Prosecutor. The court competent Commission of the National Council and Council of States had decided last week to recommend Lauber for re-election.