it is the last big success story of the SVP: First, Natalie Rickli (42) of the SVP in the national Council gave a young, friendly and modern face.

Then she convinced the people of Zurich, that you would also be a good member of the cantonal government: In March, she was elected easily in the government of the largest Canton. That she returns one day as a Councillor of state, or even Federal councillor to Bern, it is more than possible.

So it radiates rare!

is not running But only professionally, it is good for the Winterthurerin. Private Rickli has found her happiness! On Saturday she presented at the Kispi Ball in Zurich’s Hotel Baur au Lac, beaming happily with their friend, Frank Eisenhut (50).

The Swiss is a few years older than Rickli and works for the insurance group Swiss Life, such as the “Schweizer Illustrierte” reported.

It must have been serious.

How the two met, don’t want to Rickli say. LOOK white but they are no longer a Couple. However, only the joint appearance shows how serious it Rickli, this relationship must be. Her private life, the SVP holds a politician, whenever possible, private. Aconite is the first friend you presented to the Public. (sf)