it was Long after that, as she had to tremble. But then Magdalena Martullo-Blocher (50) provided on the choice of Sunday for the big Surprise: The Head of the Ems-Chemie, and daughter of SVP Godfather Christoph Blocher (79) won the most votes of all the Grisons Run and managed to loose re-election in the national Council!

According to the glossy result, the question arises: Who in the mountain Canton chose the entrepreneur of the Zurich gold coast? A look at the votes shows: Martullo-Blocher is due to their choice almost exclusively to SVP-voters. This one threw the “list Martullo” and wrote the name of Ems-Chemie-Boss twice.

Brand had the Look

A black day, however, it was for party colleague Heinz Brand (64). He has to give up his seat – and of all places in SP-Ms. Sandra Locher Benguerel (44). Also, because the long-time party President of the Swiss people’s party has ignored voters in part. Fire party reiterated internally good for 5000 votes less than Martullo.

the base dropped him for Martullo? Certainly not, says Roman Hug (39), Vice-President of the SVP Graubünden. “The Heinz Brand is not challenged from our base at all. He is on the contrary wide.”

But what it was then, that the President managed the re-election, Martullo-Blocher, in contrast, already? “The media attention regarding the open re-election was mainly directed to Ms. Martullo,” says Hug. “This had a mobilizing effect.”

Less panaschier votes than SP-man console

striking also: Two SVP-sizes, it is not able to mobilize outside of the SVP electorate. Sympathy-makers in the Grisons mountain valleys is an other: CVP-Nationalrat Martin Candinas (39) together took alone more votes outside of his party as a Martullo-Blocher and fire.

Candinas wins the title of “panaschier king” in order for the second Time in a row. A little surprising for a mid-politicians. But Also SP-husband, Jon Pult (35), and even the deselected BDP national Council Duri Campell (56) received more votes Panaschier as Martullo-Blocher.

– Consuming election campaign, a generous donor

although Martullo-Blocher made a costly election campaign. There is hardly a descent from the Alps, a funfair or a village festival, where they did not occur. And she was generous. In June they opened the gates of the Ems-Chemie, to a large people – drinks, sausages and Ice cream were offered. Also various music clubs have received a Boost of 2000 francs from the donations pot of the Ems-Chemie.

Generous Martullo showed-Blocher to the Church – although it is kicking in this summer, from the reformed Church. So she made the Catholic parish of Sogn Gion in Domat/Ems is a great gift. “Ms. Martullo-Blocher, has paid us this year, nice 90’000 Swiss francs for the restoration of the altar,” says Kirchenvögtin Renata Bucher. Four years ago, she donated in the name of Ems-Chemie already 110’000 Swiss francs to the restoration of the Abbey Church of Disentis.