The rows have caused outrage Only a few hours after the Track-Drama in Frankfurt last Monday, the SVP of the Canton of Zurich took the deed of the Eritreers Habte A.* (40) to the occasion, to stir the election-drum.

In a via Twitter more widely distributed Communiqué, the party wrote that you “criticize has always been the flap asylum policy towards Eritreans”. The fact, on the show “once more”, “that such persons are not integrable, the perpetrators of violence have no place in Switzerland”.

TWITTER message landed in Basel

in A statement, which now attracts legal consequences. The group Left the PoC has shown, the Zurich SVP because of racial discrimination. The sender of the ad is a loosely organized group, based in Zurich, which campaigns against racism and discrimination. PoC stands for “People of Color”, a designation for people not white skin color.

The display was submitted to the Prosecutor’s office of Basel-Stadt, because of the publication of the media was run communication over a Basler Server says Saule Yerkebayeva, spokeswoman for the Left PoC. The Basel authorities have not expressed a view, in principle, to the entrance of the prison.

“Systematic disparagement of an ethnic group”,

for example, the act of a single Individual, a whole people group do is responsible, and not only for Repression against the perpetrators, but against all migrants calls, was clearly racist, the justification for the grouping. The formulation was deliberately chosen in such a way that all Eritreans could be meant. “This represents a systematic reduction of an entire ethnic group.”

such A systematic reduction falls under the Anti-racism criminal standard, and can be punished with a fine or imprisonment for a term of up to three years. According to Yerkebayeva the organization’s internal lawyers expect the display of good chances. “We hope that we will win this Time,” she says.

against “Allahu akhbar”-buses Because it is not the first Time that the group in their fight against racism in everyday life, the criminal takes legal means. The beginning of the year, she lodged a complaint at the Schaffhausen office of the public Prosecutor, because a young man had to get to because of the Welcome of a well-Known, with the exclamation, “Allahu akhbar” (“God is great”) one of the buses. At that time, organization had to accept defeat: The authorities denied the display.

* Name known to the editors